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Corporate Affairs Commission’s staff embarked on strike

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The union chairman, Mr. Buba, says the staff will remain at home until authorities at CAC meet their demands for better package.

Staff of the Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC, on Friday shut down their offices at the Abuja headquarters to protest alleged abuses by executives of the commission, who they also accuse of illegally deducting from staff salaries.

Corporate-Affairs-Commission-401x300The workers accused the management of cornering the commission’s properties, handing themselves huge benefits and privileges while staff on the lower cadre are rather penalized with nine percent deductions from their salaries.

The CAC is responsible for company registration in Nigeria.

The strike began after the management failed to staff address staff demands, raised with the threat of strike twice, Yusuf Buba, chapter chairman of the Amalgamated Union of Public Corporations, Civil Service Technical and Recreational Services Employees (AUPCTRE), said.

The union accused the management of stealing funds and giving themselves undue and frivolous privileges.

Some of the alleged abuses include purchase of luxury cars for directors and board members of the commission, unnecessary trips overseas, and use of the commission’s drivers by the executive on permanent and non-official basis.

Others are: using the commission’s money to pay for yearly subscriptions for satellite television and Internet for their home use, assigning N45, 000 worth of recharge cards to themselves, paying for their electricity, water and sanitation bills and purchasing for themselves 240 litres of petrol for each member of the executive monthly.

PREMIUM TIMES could not immediately confirm these allegations.

Lawyers who besieged the commission’s office in the Maitama District of Abuja to incorporate new firms, conduct corporate searches and conduct other businesses left disappointed.

“The workers said they will not work until the management stops deducting their pay illegally,” one lawyer said.

The spokesperson for the commission could not be reached for comments as he did not answer or return calls made to his telephone.

The union chairman, Mr. Buba, said the staff would remain at home until their demands for better package are met.



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