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1999-2007 Versus 2007-2015- Akwa Ibom

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By Mike Ekpo

This is just the work of retards.
As if monies spent on the roads posted here where that of Godswill Akpabio’s father or his personal funds? Is he doing us a favour using our resources to construct our roads?You are as clumsy and irritating as you can be.

Shame on all of you.The last picture of the corpse on the bike is that of the violence that ensued in Ikot Ekpene LGA after some retards had the impunity to ban other Governorship aspirant from campaigning in Ikot Ekpene senatorial district pro to the 2011 elections. The results of the ban is what you have been pushed to publish so that God will continue to exonerate his son Obong Victor Attah.

Pictures tell more than a thousand words! Comparing the left and right columns is meant to provoke righteous indignation to foreclose any form of retrogression into the Victor Attah years (1999-2007) that ransacked and betrayed the Akwa Ibom commonwealth with impunity.

Akwa Ibom people know the truth.

Obong Attah is and will remain an Elder Statesman no matter how much you try to defy God.
His reign was the most peaceful, because he pleased God.

Michael Ukanga Ekpo
Afaha Obo Ikot Iton
Ndot Clan,
Ndot Ikot Okoro.
Oruk Anam LGA
Akwa Ibom State


Reason for the assertion above:

Left column tells an incontrovertible story of a former leader who had nothing to show for his notorious “drawing-board” policies, who is alleged to have guzzled public funds and mangled everything he touched with reckless abandon in a unitary styled administration.

 Right column pictures tell a different story of one of the most prolific administrators in Akwa Ibom history, making a good brand of the State and a national model for infrastructure development and good governance.



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