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Buhari vs Biafrans: The Unending War

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By Ehi Ekhator

The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari’s Independence proclamation has drawn out his shrouded long loathe for the South East.


Clearly the President had not, since he accepted office, shrouded his despise for the Igbos who, after Buhari’s administration assumed office, heightened that weep for self-actualization.

The President, amid his Independence speech on October 1, reminded Nigerians that he played a critical part in the killings of a large number of Igbos during the Biafra war in 1967.

Before the Presidential race, Buhari guaranteed to be a leader to everybody and nobody, thus the well known quote “i belong to everybody and i belong to nobody” however the non-verbal communication of the President has kept on mirroring the inverse of his articulations.

In spite of the part Buhari played in the slaughtering of more than 2m igbos during the Biafra war, one would have believed that after numerous years, the President would have put it behind and forge an understanding with the South-East who were so terrified of his rise as the President.

The igbos came together knowing completely well the sort of man Muhammadu Buhari was during the war, they voted in favor of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in the 2015 General race in spite of his across the board theories that his administration was overwhelmed in mass corruption.

Buhari was expecting the igbos who didn’t warm up to him over his announcement during the election that he is no longer  a military General yet a regular citizen, how could they? The anger restored the minute they knew about the man coming into power, they knew he is a chameleon, a northerner first before a Nigerian.

Be that as it may, their plan fizzled when Jonathan yielded defeat, at that point they turn to Plan B, which was to intensify breakaway from Nigeria before history rehash itself.

The meeting amid one of his visits in the United States, Buhari said “constituencies that gave me 97% cannot in all honesty be treated equally, on some issues, with constituencies that gave me 5 %, I think these are political realities, while certainly there will be justice for everybody, everybody will get his constitutional rights, but while the party in constituencies that by their sheer hard work they made sure that
they got their people to vote and to ensure their votes count, they must feel that the government has appreciated the effort they put in putting the government in place. I see this as really fair.”

It was no news that during the presidential race, the Igbos enormously voted in favor of Jonathan and clearly however Buhari didn’t specify any locale, he was alluding toward the South-East and many parts of South-South that needed him ousted for the fourth time. As unforgiving as he may be, he couldn’t shroud his outrage when it achieved the ideal opportunity for federal appointment.

The igbos felt less imperative contrasted with the way they had been, the treatment exacerbated, the fulani herders attacked their communities slaughtering their spouses and children, in addition to obliterating their farmlands. The frightful Igbos discovered comfort in Jobless Nnamdi Kanu in light of his guts to use his Radio Biafra station to thrash the administration.

The 5% explanation spread through the north and gave the Igbos motivations to be on a lookout. While the northerners follow up on the “second rate” Igbos, the Biafrans expanded their cry to secede maybe for the dread of what they see might come to them.

At the point when Buhari came back from his 103 days UK enjoyment excursion, as opposed to calm the region down, he connected his standard style of power by sending dread through the nerves of the fomenters to cease or face the decays. It didn’t jump out at the President who alluded to himself a popularity based President that calling them to the table could put a clearer picture to the current issue.

Of recent, the previous President of Nigeria, Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo likewise approached Buhari to call Nnamdi Kanu to the table for a discourse yet up until now, Buhari has overlooked the calls, in the interim more instigators have risen as the call for restructuring is choking out the country.

The whereabouts of the purported leader of the Biafrans, Nnamdi Kanu is yet to be known since Buhari gave the order to attack their states and close the Biafrans down. Many individuals were attacked while reports showed that individuals were slaughtered. In spite of the news, Buhari did not denounce the infringement of Human rights as observed on the video spread on the web-based social networking, rather the President continues sending warnings as observed on his Independence day discourse.

Recently, Buhari uncovered that the call for restructuring has been hijacked by Biafrans, assaulting the group leaders for not calling their kins to order before he propelled strikes.

“Recent calls on re-structuring, quite proper in a legitimate debate, has let in highly irresponsible groups to call for the dismemberment of the country. We can not and we will not allow such advocacy.”

Buhari unwittingly unveiled that he was a piece of the officers who executed more than 2m Biafrans.

“As a young Army Officer, I took part from the beginning to the end in our tragic civil war costing about 2m lives, resulting in fearful destruction and untold suffering. Those who are agitating for a re-run were not born by 1967 and have no idea of the horrendous consequences of the civil conflict which we went through.

I am very disappointed that responsible leaders of these communities do not warn their hot-headed youths what the country went through. Those who were there should tell those who were not there, the consequences of such folly.”

How could the Biafrans grasp a man who played a part in the murdering of their sons and daughters? How could they assume that he couldn’t do it once more? How could they have acknowledged him as their President when huge numbers of the igbos who saw the war are still alive?

A sensible man would have understood this and stretch out a hand of peace to the locale yet rather and of course, practically rehashed the episode of 1967-1970. Buhari isn’t apprehensive about getting his hands filthy alongside his gathering of fan he offered appointment to.

Nigeria isn’t a long way from breaking, Biafra is the start, the war between the President and Biafra is unending as the so called Democratic President has refused to realized his mistake.  If there is no restructuring soon, the MidWest Movement, Oduduwa Republic and others may agitation may progress to recession.

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