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How i would have addressed Obasanjo’s letter If i were Buhari

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By Adolf Ransom Pepple

For some days now, the Nigerian space has been dominated by only one issue: The epistle written to President Muhammadu Buhari by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, and the reply to the letter, on behalf of President Buhari aptly written by the Minister of Information, Mr. Lai Muhammed.

Subsequently, as expected, reactions, both positive and negative, have continued to trail the 13-page letter in which the former president advised the incumbent not to seek reelection because, in his view, he has not lived up to the  expectations of Nigerians.

Just as many Nigerians criticize Chief Obasanjo for lacking the moral standing and integrity to have generated such letter, others feel emphasis should be on the message, not the messenger.

But as Nigerians continue to discuss and analyze that letter, let me put myself in the position of Mr. President in relation to Obasanjo’s letter. It has been observed that the former president always reads the mood of the people before generating any letter. That explains the reason most of his letters had always animated the polity.

However, let it be noted that if Obasanjo’s credibility were to be considered, most people wouldn’t have bothered to read a letter from him. This is because he is known to have done even worse than what he has accused others of doing. But that is a matter for another day.

Now, having put myself in the position of President Buhari. I will personally study the letter and pick out the main kernel of its content that have sunk well with the people.

Since anybody who wants to attract public support in Nigeria today will just concentrate on the hunger in the land, I will act swiftly to ameliorate the situation in the land. I will ensure that the prices of food items are reduced by 50% within  the shortest possible time.
Again, I will direct my economic team to collaborate with the central bank to ensure that there is liquidity. Since our foreign reserve has appreciated considerably, I will reduce the exchange rate to the dollar to about #250.

It is being said that a cabal has hijacked my administration. I will act quickly to demonstrate that I am in total control by removing those people that are being pointed at as members of the said cabal.

The major issue that has affected the goodwill of Mr. President is the killings across the country, especially by the so called Fulani Herdsmen. I will make a presidential pronouncement on it and mandate the Defence Headquarters and security agencies to deal decisively with that menace.
In line with that, I will visit Benue State and other affected areas across the country to pay my condolence and apologize for not acting swiftly to prevent the killings.

While the above are going on, I will reshuffle my cabinet by removing redundant, inactive, lethargic ministers. I will expand my cabinet and bring in more youths to add vigour and dynamism into my government.

While making appointments, I will ensure that federal character is reflected in all spheres. Every part of the country will be given adequate representation and a sense of belonging in my administration.

Efforts will be doubled to bring to an end the lingering fuel shortage. Deliberate efforts will be seen to be in motion to permanently solve the problem of fuel scarcity.
Since the government is doing well in infrastructure, the momentum will be sustained, especially now that the price of crude oil has gone up.

Nigerians are the best people on Earth. They are not difficult to please or pacify.

If these things I enumerated above are done in the shortest possible time, PDP will not bother to field a presidential candidate in 2019 for fear of a crunching, embarrassing defeat.

I rest my case.

Adolf Ransom Pepple,
Chairman, APC Media Team, Bonny, Rivers State can be reached through adolfransom@gmail.com, 08055942143 or 08066906066

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