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Amaechi’s  Lies, Thievery and Needless Excuses 

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By Simeon Nwakaudu

Transportation Minister , Mr Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is an unhappy man. He has every cogent  reason to be unhappy .  Before his very eyes, the good people of Rivers State  passed their judgment in 2015 and March 19, 2016. They would  have nothing  to  do with a political  Judas Iscariot .

Overwhelmingly , the Rivers people  voted the PDP and Nyesom Ezenwo Wike , because  they needed a new direction, devoid of unnecessary  propaganda  and waste of scarce resources. They resolved  to effect their political divorce with a known affiliate  of Boko Haram terrorists  and  bandits .

Amaechi’s high blood pressure  is worsened by the fact that he swore on National Television  that over his dead body  would Nyesom Ezenwo Wike  become Governor .  Since the Supreme Court confirmed Governor Wike on January 27, 2016, Amaechi’s  only solace has been the unbridled  vomit of lies and weightless  allegations.

A friend from the media called to tell me that Amaechi  upon arriving from his self imposed exile after his party’s loss of the March 19, 2016 , claimed that Governor Wike was responsible for the deaths of Rivers people during elections.  This is completely  false and baseless. It is a futile attempt  by  a man who used the military and the police to cause mayhem  across the state to come forward to blame a peace loving governor.

Nigerians  would recall how Amaechi  invaded Rivers State with close to 50000 soldiers, policemen , paramilitary, DSS and civil defence  operatives ahead of the March 19 Rerun .  He dropped all manner of names. He was a commando moving with three truckloads of soldiers, threatening  the  peace of Rivers State .

Amaechi  went from one Radio Station to the other issuing threats. He ended up making a state-wide broadcast .  Three pliant Radio Stations even played the National Anthem before his broadcast.

The people of Rivers State  saw Amaechi’s  effrontery as an affront. They resolved  to defend their dignity .  Amaechi  ordered the security  personnel  attached to him to shoot and kill without  provocation. The killings  of March 19were carried out by security  agents  who were unhappy  that people resisted their rigging plots.

A  Commission  of Inquiry chaired by Justice Monima Danagago has since released its report. Aside the soldiers led by Amaechi , the other  killings  were carried  out by  APC  leaders. The 2015 APC Deputy Governorship candidate  , Asita Honourable  was indicted for killing a corps member during that election .  Asita  is to face prosecution .

Despite his grandstanding , Amaechi knows he has the blood of Rivers people  on his hands. That is why he cannot come unless the Army High Command  releases hundreds of  soldiers to protect him. Whilst Wike walks the streets amid celebration  for his good works , Amaechi hides in tinted vehicles with a few aides.

It is rather sad that Amaechi is crying that the Rivers State Amnesty Programme was a success. It is disheartening  that Amaechi  is weeping before television  cameras  that cultists and militants turned a new leaf and surrendered  their arms. These were boys Amaechi  used to create  tension in the state. Today, Governor Wike  is rehabilitating them. Of course , Amaechi  is unhappy  that his sponsored  media negative  propaganda  has been defeated by the repentance  of these boys.

Since the journalists  who listened to Amaechi’s  pot of lies failed to inform him on the details of the Amnesty Programme , I will do that. Mr Amaechi , the Amnesty Programme  was implemented  by the military and the Rivers State Government .  The recovered weapons are all in the possession of the military .

Amaechi’s   lies in the education and health  sectors  are disrespectful .  If Amaechi achieved anything meaningful  in these two sectors, why is Governor Wike now repositioning them. Amaechi weakened these two sectors.

At the last count, 17 abandoned  General Hospitals  across Rivers State  are being rehabilitated by the Wike Administration . The  governor is also  rehabilitating  and reconstructing  prominent secondary  schools across the state .

Amaechi  lives on lies and treachery. This is a politician  who squandered  N3trillion  of Rivers resources at a time the state was getting between N20billion and N25billion monthly.  Amaechi is one of the richest Nigerians  today, with a financial  war chest to sponsor all manner of APC politicians .  If you doubt me, as Governor Lalong .

Amaechi  is hallucinating .  He still thinks he is a governor .  He needs our assistance .  He should be debriefed  and handed over to the EFCC .  His indictment over the sale of Rivers assets is with the so-called anti-corruption  agency .  Nigerians await their actions.

Amaechi  should stop deceiving himself .  There is no APC  in Rivers State .  If there was APC  in Rivers State , Amaechi would not be relying on over 50000 security personnel  to have a say. Amaechi  would not be relying  on visiting governors and APC  hired crowd from Imo State  to fill a 16000 Stadium.

If Amaechi  and APC  were on ground  in Rivers State , Amaechi  would not  have  imported Boko Haram  terrorists  and bandits from Borno State  to intimidate voters. This plot to use Boko Haram  and security  agencies  to intimidate  voters will fail.

The people of Rivers State  know their leader. They have resolved to follow  Nyesom Ezenwo Wike who has lived up their  expectations .  They will not be  deceived a failed former  governor who stole the state blind. Wike is working, nobody will  distract him.

Amaechi needs deliverance from the spirit of Judas Iscariot .  His obsession  for treachery  is sickening .  He derives pleasure betraying his people .

As I close, let me live you with this poser: What has Amaechi  achieved  at the Ministry of Transportation , other than recoup  his investment? Stealing  that Ministry blind?

Copyright 2020 Naija Center News. All Rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on the website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, or rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from Naija Center.

Copyright 2020 Naija Center News. All Rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on the website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, or rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from Naija Center.

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