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Nigeria Problem: Where Do You Belong?

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I have been pushed, provoked and bemoaned for weeping reliably about Nigeria. Really, the grievance is all the government has relinquished me with, in a country where the real ones are resting in prison.

The difficult issue of Nigeria is fault administering. No one is anxious to yield that their activity has added to the mistake of the country. In the wake of scrutinizing this post, I am sure you will in all probability know whether you are one of the issues.

Divided Nigerian flag
Divided Nigerian flag

You are the one combating everyone online in light of the fact that your uncle who is the councilor, the LGA Chairman, the Governor, Deputy Governor, the President or Vice President is prodded and offended for performing underneath desires.

You are the Nigeria police who shoots Nigerians because of their refusal to go separate ways with N2000. You are the one charging Nigerians on sham charges in case they would not do what you need.

You are the lawyer who has no idea about Nigeria law, paying the judge in order to handover judgment. You have no fitting witness aside from the ones who pay to show up under affectation. You just protect government officials while the fair Nigerians spoil in jail.

You are the class instructor who is scarcely observed at school. Your quality is simply constrained by the proximity of external executives.

You are the educators that sell your imprints for a touch of five minutes of joy. You append marks to any person who buys your textbook.

You are the one ordering pizza from the United Kingdom and using British Airways to pass on it while an immense number of pizza shops in Nigeria fold up due to your haughtiness.

You are the individual who remained three months in the United Kindom for medical tourism while other individuals who can’t shoulder its medical expense face the miserable and inadmissible crisis facility in the country.

You took off to Germany for a knee cap, an occupation that should viably be conceivable by various wonderful pros in Nigeria.

You send your children to another nation for education while you activate strikes for an extensive time span. Your tyke graduates in three years while three years turn six years in Nigeria.

You are the one stealing from other intimidated Nigerians since they can handle the expense of what you can’t. You much butcher some whose family won’t pay the ransome.

You are the burglar that breaks into individuals home, strike and powers some to give you their belongings.

You are responsible for the killing and striking of women in different parts in the nation while declaring to be a dairy cows rearer. You are the cow’s owners who refused to call your workers to arrange.

You are the OPC member who destabilized the last election. In specific wards, you stole and set some ballot papers on fire. You undermined distinctive ethnics who didn’t vote in favor of your most loved political party.

You are the one posting on twitter that you won your ward for your political party while all that you did was to utilize your law breakers to control the result.

You are the journalist who acknowledges an envelope and builds an all-around exclusive article for your secret supervisor. You turn your media house to a sham while the truth is skewed.

You are the official who blows up the cost of executing a project and make sure no one ever gets access to the document. You are the oneruling Nigeria on affidavit yet boasting to get out degradation.

You are the political jumping from one political party to the other in the appearance that they never again mean well for the all-inclusive community in the meantime your interior motive is that you need an office.

You are the person who opened a WhatsApp gathering to have any kind of effect just to turn your companions and gathering individuals to a wellspring of reserve. The basic role is by all accounts taken over by your standard visits to politicians.

You are a self-acclaimed godly man whose center is to gather tithe and contributions while the offspring of the school you constructed can’t manage the cost of it.

You are a native doctor who readies black magic for equipped burglars and other sick people in society.

You are self-acclaimed activists whose mission is to serve a specific politician who patronizes you monetarily.

You are responsible for the power blackout in Nigeria as the money spent so far on its update is chilling in your offshore bank account.

You are the individual who purportedly assembled a five-star hospital and two years after, the structure is still locked. You probably consumed money on water channel and the city is taken over by the erosion.

You are the mystery supporter of the feared Boko Haram terrorists. You supply them weapons and point to them, who to slaughter.

You are the religious aficionado who fuels the community crisis that has prompted the demise of thousands of hapless Nigerians.

You are in charge of the preoccupation of the millions planned for the expansion of the rice plant.

You are the person who abducted INEC officials in the last election until they pronounced you the winner.

All things considered, I am the one mourning and reluctant to take care of business because few people like me are right now resting in one of the penitentiaries in Nigeria.

I am the individual who lives abroad and can’t influence anyone enough that he means well for the nation.

So, where do you belong?

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