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The Pain Of Being A Nigerian

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By Ehi Daniel

Nigeria is a honored nation. God gave us everything we have to be on top and in front of other countries. Since everything that has preference must have weakness, he included a doubtful personality. An issue we would have been wise to illuminate in place not to be sit still.

Nigeria, as it is commonly said, is the biggest nation in Africa and one of the biggest in corruption in the world.

Being a Nigerian expected to make us euphoric as citizens of an incredible country, however for our situation, it makes us yell everyday.

A Nigerian child is brought up in roughness, taught how to be deceptive by the social order that should aide him towards respectability, love and regard.

Those days in school, we were taught of natural resources that don’t have price tag. It is sad that the same nation where that information was taught into each Nigerians, curve the hands of her nationals to pay gratis endowment of nature.

The constitution was written to protect each residents, yet a nation where the law is captured, brutalized and raped openly by the individuals who should secure it has rendered the yell of Nigerians unheard.

We have been sold emptiness, we have been sold hatred, lies and desperation.we have been told our favorite nation is not safe anymore to conceal, We have been told power corrupt, outright power corrupt totally, we have been sold weapons to homicide ourselves for a penny so they might be the judge, and we have been decreased to nothing with a specific end goal to deny us from climbing against the pigs.

Nigeria is a rich country but the citizens are unfortunate; outsiders have assumed control over our homes, vampires in our business settings, and bugs on our bunks. We have been given an umbrella with holes that cannot cover us from the rain.

Regardless of the fact that we decide on revolution, those that will assume control are as awful as those we battle to evacuate. Nigeria, an enormous timberland where creatures of the same kind eat one another. A nation of Judahs Iscariot, a nation of numerous lord Pharoahs and Jezebels.

The Giant of Africa has been lessened to the ground dwelling insect of Africa. A nation where makers acquire their produce for survival. The nation has sucked her subjects to the degree that those with wings are taking off to more modest nations for security.

The pain of being a Nigerian is colossal and horrendous, the tears, the anguish, the bad dream brought about by the trustees have made us frantic. There is frenzy in the road of Nigeria, our mind have been tempered with. A nation of milk and nectar has turned to LONDON BRIDGE. Would it be advisable for us to hop off the bridge so as to survive, fall with it or fight to  protect it?

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