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When women gather expecting God to do it again

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FROM the different approaches into Warri, it was obvious that something extraordinary was in the offing. Large billboards strategically located loudly tell the visitor to the oil city that women were gathering there for Daughters of Sarah international convention 2013—an annual spiritual fiesta sponsored by the Women Fellowship of Word of Life Bible Church, Warri. It was a time of refreshing and a moment when women from all walks of life renew and sharpen themselves for the task of nation building and home keeping, as well as spiritual empowerment.

For five days, women from every part of the country joined hands to receive others from Benin Republic, Cameroun, Togo and several others that attended from Europe and the US. The theme of this programme was: ‘He will do it again,’ and of course, seasoned ministers of the gospel including the new PFN first lady, Rev. (Mrs.) Abiola Omobude, Rev. Funke Adejumo, Dr. (Mrs.) Beatrice Odunze as well as a very charismatic American preach-er, Bishop Deitra Walker. And the chief host of the programme, Pastor (Mrs.) Helen Oritsejafor.

When women gather they talk and pray about issues that affect them, their husbands, their children and inadvert-ently the nation. So, despite the theme of ‘He will do it again’, the speakers always found ample opportunity to speak to their ilk on the family, marriage, domestic violence, who takes the bills, economy, politics, their responsibility at home. Recognizing that women are the greatest enemies of themselves, they very often stress the need for women to embrace politics to actualize their individual dreams.

Mrs. Odunze spoke on marriage and the responsibility of the women to make her marriage a success, saying that an ideal housewife must be humble, God-fearing, beautiful and intelligent and must watch over her children.

Adejumo who took the first message on the opening day of the convention, charged the womenfolk to be on their guard at all times, maintaining that any woman who always wait for her husband before she can make soup in the house is not fit to exist.

The host of the event, Pastor Helen Oritsejafor demonstra-ted her loyalty to her husband when she intermittently pro-strated before him, describing Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor as “the Lion of Africa and a man who will close his account just to put a smile on the face of ano-ther man; a husband of hus-bands, a father of fathers and a lover of the poor people.”

All through the days of the spiritual fiesta she daily extolled the virtues of CAN president as members of the church urged her on while she wished that every woman would emulate her as she revered her husband. She took it a step further on the final day of the programme by urging every woman to sing a love song for her spouse and at the end of it, renew her love for her husband.

In her sermon titled ‘Follow your dream’, she outlined seven cardinal objectives that will make one actualize her dream, saying “your dream is not determined by the size of your body or family. Your dream and the type of person you want to eventually be in life will be determined by the kind of people you associate with.”

The 4-day programme also witnessed the free distribution of thousands of wrappers often labelled Single in the Niger Delta and abada in the South East to delegates and first timers to the church. This is in addition to free accommodation and feeding throughout the duration of the programme.

The trade fair/exhibition that is always associated with the Daughters of Sarah convent-ion is expected to run till the end of March as exhibitors of various goods and services make brisk business within the premises of the Word pof Life Bible Church.

Rev. (Mrs.) Lois Angula of Resurrection Word Ministries, Jimeta, Yola and Pastor (Mrs.) Sarah Yakubu Jigo, a single mother of seven children from Maiduguri, Borno State hailed the programme, saying that they have benefited immensely. The twosome exp-ressed gratitude to the organisers of the programme who freely distributed one wrapper each to all the delegates and first timers in addition to other gifts.

Asked to evaluate this year’s programme, Mrs. Oritsejafor said: “This is the best DOS convention in the history of Word of Life Bible Church. It was incredible. We visited markets in different parts of Warri before the convention to sensitise people about the programme and all the speakers had been marvelous. The-re have been all kinds of healings and deliverances et al.

“And God also blessed us with a man, our own father, Papa Ayo Oritsejafor whose vision we are building on. He believes so much on the empowerment of women and has given the platform to reach out to our womenfolk across the nation and beyond. He was here throughout the programme, praying and blessing people as part of his con-tribution to the development of the womenfolk.

“We had to empower some women in line with what our Lord Jesus Christ said that when He “was hungry, you gave me food, I was naked you clothed me. We had an opportunity to give thousands of Single wrapper to the less privileged among us,” she added.

She also explained why she took time off to evangelise in several markets in the Warri area just before the programme, saying that very often Christians believe that those in the markets are established Christians who do not need the gospel.

“How wrong? The Lord stirred it in my heart to take the gospel to the market place because not all those who are in the market are born again Christians. And God confirm-ed His word as hundreds gave their lives to Christ during those crusades,” she said.


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