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College of Education, Ekiadolor is neither a college nor a University – Staff cries

College of Education, Ekiadolor
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  • no budgetary allocation for years

The Chairman, Senior Staff Union, College of Education, Ekiadolor Comrade Ken Omoruyi has said that the College is at the risk of shutting down as the institution has not admitted students for two sessions.

Omoruyi was responding to questions from members of the Edo Forums of Patriots who invited the guests to clear some issues affecting the college.

College of Education, Ekiadolor
College of Education, Ekiadolor

Omoruyi cried that the institution is neither a college nor a University even though it has been widely reported that the college was upgraded to Tayo Akpata University including the appointment of a Vice Chancellor and governing council.

In July 2016, the Edo State government through the Ministry of Education wrote a letter to the college with the instruction to stop the admission into the NCE programs in order to phase it out since it had been upgraded to a University.

The Statement reads ” I am directed to inform you that with the upgrade of the College of Education, Ekiadolor to the status of a University, The Tayo Akpata University of Education, Ekiadolor can no longer continue to run NCE programmes. The government has, however, in consultation with the National Commission Colleges of Education (NCCE), agreed on a gradual phasing out of the programme. The implication of the above is that your College can no longer admit fresh students into the College. You are, therefore, advised to immediately commence the gradual phasing out of your programmes of NCE until the last student leaves the College.”

Omoruyi complained that despite the letter, the purported university has no licence to operate.

He said: “As we speak the College is neither a University or a College of Education. As there has been no admission into the College since the pronouncement of the University in 2014.

“Presently, the College has no year 1 and 2 students. The current year 3 students are leaving in a couple of months. With this development the College stand risk of being delisted by the regulatory body (NCCE). Secondly, the staff strength of over 600 are worried that without students they are at stake. As we speak, sir there is no trace of the University on ground except the appointment of a VC and 5 man member of governing council.

“There was a memo from the ministry of Education stopping the admission process in the College. Sir, the letter stated categorically that because of the University, all admission into the College should be stopped.

“We are earning salaries but the last was September. This is because the has no IGR to argument government subvention. There is no college because the Law establishing it has been repealed by the Edo State House of Assembly. The University as we know has no licence to operate for now”

The Deputy Registrar, Admission Pastor Eriyo in his explanation said the college needed new admissions to remain operational as the future of the University is not certain.

Pastor Eriyo appealed to the state governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki not to completely close the NCE program as he established the University. He expressed worry that the old staff are met to compete with new applicants rather than absorb them into the new university

“All staff were told to apply to the “new” university along with thousands of non-staff. The ideal process of upgrading is to absorb existing staff before outsiders.this is why we’re worried.

“Our urgent need now is to admit new students into the NCE program of the college pending when the university eventually take off. This will in no way hinder the university when it does commence. Unless we admit now, we might lose all the benefits we enjoy from the tetfund as well as losing our license to operate which will be a great loss to the state. Even if the conversion goes through,the NCE is also important as an entry level into the academic field & to give the opportunity to the teeming school leavers of Edo State who may not be ready for the university. Everyday applicants flock to the college to make request about admission

“The standards of personnel for non teaching staff are the same, while for teaching staff is slightly different. The difference being that for teaching staff,PhD holders are given preference in a university. Initially, we were told that the college was being upgraded. But this has changed into “a brand new university” which needed a new crop of staff hence the advertisement & subsequent applications from thousands of applicants into the university

“We believe in the ability of the present government led by G.O. Obaseki to establish a standard university of education. But we also believe that the college of education should remain hence we need to continue admission into the NCE program. His excellency perhaps just needed the right kind of counsel which we believe the noble Patriots can give him at this time.We thank you all for this timely intervention. There have been no expressed plans for infrastructural development for the college of education, but we know that some contracts were advertised and bidding for, for the university. The college was largely abandoned in terms of infrastructural development throughout the last administration. Also, there has been no question of increasing our subvention though several pleas have been made by the management over the years & the unions.”

In a stunning revelation, the state government has not made any budgetary allocation to the College for years. The EFP guests told the members that the management was also not aware of any budgetary allocation in 2018.

“We’re not aware of any budgetary allocation to the college for the last few years Sir. Even when budgetary allocations were made previously, there was no Edo State govt presence in the college. Our saving grace has been tetfund. Eriyo added.

Obaseki had announced during a thank you visit to Orhionmwon that the College of Education, Ekiadolor would be relocated to Abudu community. This new development may completely remove Ekiadolor from the map, increase unemployment in the area as many businesses and homeowners in the community survived with the presence of the college.


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Copyright 2020 Naija Center News. All Rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on the website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, or rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from Naija Center.

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