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A Veteran Nigerian Dancehall Queen is back, I wasn’t dead, says BDRA

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 Ace Nigerian dancehall and reggae singer Blessindra, popularly known for her music style ((Ijeleghe vibes) a mixed innovation of traditional Nigerian music, Jamaican Dancehall and Esan highlife fused with chanted vocals, has been absent from the Nigerian music industry for a decade. In that time, she left for Belgium to perform as a lead vocalist with Zionyouth reggae band but later left the group to further her recordings as a solo artist.
Blessindra BDRA
Blessindra BDRA

Blessindra had performed with series of stage names , today she has finally stated on her social media handles (Am now BDRA) meaning her new stage name will be BDRA. (born on 27th November 1976) in Opoji, Esan central local government, Edo state (Nigeria). She Went stardom in the late 90’s for her music style (Ijeleghe vibes) to campaigns against women’s circumcision in the country and child labour.

Her song entitled “Quinpi” won a prestigious Afrobeats music Awards (ABMA) for Best New Single of the year 2017, presented by YOUNGBLIZZYRADIO.
NAIJA CENTER NEWS Entertainment repoters visited the Quinpi crooner to have a chat with her. Below are the except of the interview:
Welcome to Naijacenternews, BDRA, like we all know is a household name, where have you been ? I’ve been around. Performing live concerts alongside Belgian music band Zionyouth as a lead vocalist, so it wasn’t easy coming to Africa, because of the consecutive scheduled Europe and Asia tours, it bookings all through, I couldn’t take a break, although we did successful recordings before I disbanded from the band to study more musical technics, and today my long vacation from Nigeria entertainment industry wasn’t a waste, only a big threat to my rivals lol. Am back with a new thing to spice my innovated Ijeleghe music that I’m popularly known for.
We learnt about your new album is about dropping soon, entitled Summer Dra, could you tell us what Nigerians should be expecting?
Nigerians should be expecting something new and unique from me. i’m here to make a change and create awareness with my music especially how women feel about themselves in Nigeria and all over the world. Is a dream i’ve chosen.
Being a revolutionary and philanthropist ,i am certain about what to bring to Nigerians, when it comes to entertainment.
What was the inspiration behind the Summer Dra Album?
The Inspiration behind the SUMMER DRA Album started long time ago with me and things i see around the world we living today. You know, as they say, change begins with us, meaning change begins with you and i. When you look down and check the whole tracks on summer album, you will hear each of the lyrics have their own unique way of expression, contentment, inspiring, boldness, satisfaction, gratitude, heartbreaks, love and so on. I needed to compose varieties.
Your previous anthem song Quinpi, was successful, who wrote the song?
It was a collaboration of me and the producer that produced QUINPIN. Meanwhile 90% was my text and idea.
With the social ills in Nigeria recently, how is your music helping to make changes?
I believe my music has inspired a lot of people in different ways, as i always say, no music no live. Haven’t said that., I’m still working towards the goals to bring that change again to my father land Nigeria. Bless Jah for my fan base in the northern part of Nigeria. BDRA has her way of lyrically convincing peace to reign .
Most veteran musicians are into commercial songs in Nigeria, and you are doing same, could you enlighten us why your idea isn’t different?
We might be doing the same thing but the message is different. Though I could be explicit for entertainment sometimes, due to my profession.BDRA as a household name I barely drop explicit tracks.
If you are asked to choose other genre of music like, Rock, mental or soul, which of them will you preferably choose?
Wow you hit me right there. I love my kind of music, but i guess i’ve to answer. I’ll go for soul because i’m also a lover of gospel music and blues, there are all related .
How would you rate your stand today in the entertainment industry globally?
Yea, am comfortable with my productions and music sales, I still believe in physical albums, but digital distributions came recently to reduce our old style of massive sales, but i’m working so hard to sign upcoming artists to DRA entertainment, because there is need to impact more young artists from my village. I would say I wasn’t left out from the successful roaster of all entertainers, I’ve received prestigious awards, played on most famous and relevant international music festivals with world mainstream stars, for me is a milestone . with perseverance, hardworking, determination i know is time to focus more on my record label DRA entertainment, so I could help others.
Your song entitled “Today Na Today”, was another successful track. What was the inspiration behind the song?
Yes it was. the inspiration behind TODAY NA TODAY was all about contentment and how beautiful life is and no matter what you going through always try to put a smile on your face.,Boom!
How do you see Nigeria music outside Nigeria?
Hahahaha do you have to ask that like you don’t know. Nigeria music is the talk of global, you know we nor dey carry last. they all know about Nigeria music. the big change from Ten years ago till now is unbelievably massive;. Nigeria music is taking over.
As a multiple award winning musician and a philanthropist, what do you expect of 2019 election?
I’m not a politician or politically oriented dear. I’m an Artist and a Philanthropist. I pray for a better Nigeria every day, let’s clap for who win’s and made a huge change to our motherland.
What is your advice to all upcoming artists in Nigeria?
My advice to all upcoming artists is hard work, self-love, Do your thing, determinations, hungry for more, never ever give up but stay away from Tramadol abuse.


Copyright 2020 Naija Center News. All Rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on the website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, or rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from Naija Center.

Copyright 2020 Naija Center News. All Rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on the website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, or rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from Naija Center.

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