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Nutrition and cancer

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fruitsCancer has killed many people of substance in Nigeria after going through fortune-wrecking medical treatment at home and abroad.

Given the zero-survival rate for cancer patients worldwide, something must be fundamentally wrong with cancer treatment predicated on surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  If nobody survives the perfidious medical treatment protocols for cancer, what is the motivation for the newly diagnosed cancer patients to thread the same path? Ironically, newly diagnosed cancer patients thread the same road to perdition.  Apparently, the wise saying that the frontrunners that slipped into gully gave a useful lesson to those coming behind is meaningless in the context of cancer treatment. Otherwise, it defies common sense that newly diagnosed cancer patients keep exploring chemotherapy, radiation and surgery that killed those who had cancer before them.

What are the drawbacks of conventional cancer treatment as identified by medical doctors? Several studies indicate that the cancers from which most people die – the big killers like breast, colon and lung cancers – generally do not respond to chemotherapy. According to six British Cancer Specialist writings in the prestigious British Medical Journal, the Lancet “survival may even have been shortened in breast cancer patients given chemotherapy”.  Dr John Laszlo, senior vice-president for research American Cancer Society said “when chemotherapy and radiation are given together, secondary tumours occur about 25 times more than the expected rate” Dr. Laszlo added “chemo drugs are poisonous not as a side effect but as a primary effect.” Chemotherapy basically poisons every cell in the body in an attempt to kill the cancer cell, says Dr. Brain Drucker of Oregon Health and Science University Portland, USA.

In his book Conquering Cancer, Dr Lucien Israel, oncologist and consultant to the National Cancer Institute, said several studies had shown that people who undergo radiation therapy are more likely to have their cancer spread to other sites in the body.  John Cairns, a professor at Harvard University School of Public Health said, “Majority of cancers cannot be cured by radiation because the dose of X-ray required to kill all the cancer cells would also kill the patients. Radiotherapy is a powerful carcinogen – it causes secondary cancers in many patients exposed to it”.

According to Dr. William Kelley, MD, surgical biopsy- a procedure used to detect early stage cancer can also contribute to the spread of cancer. Dr. Kelley added that surgery weakens immunity and places great systemic stress on the patient and can cause sudden death. Dr Patrick Singleton, MD University of Chicago, USA says “morphine – a drug routinely prescribed to relieve pain from surgery and tumours make it easier for cancers to invade other tissues and spread”.  Also, Dr. David Brownstein, MD said the progress in treating breast cancer with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery has been dismal. Dr. Brownstein added “survival rates for breast cancer victims are virtually unchanged over the last 70 years, even with the use of mammograms, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.”

Dr. Allan Levin, MD a professor of immunology at the University of California at San Francisco Medical School said, “Despite the fact that most physicians agree that chemotherapy is largely ineffective medical doctors are coerced into using it by special interest groups which have vested interest in the profit of the drug industry.”

Cancer, like other degenerative diseases, kills because certain basic fundamentals of healing are missing in its conventional treatment protocols. For instance, while it is incontrovertible that only a clean body can truly be healed of any infirmity including cancer, detoxification, which is needed to remove toxins and metabolic wastes from the body system, is not part of the conventional cancer treatment. Detoxification is also indispensable to reversing poor liver function, which is the primary cause of cancer. According to Max Gerson, MD (1881-1959), nearly all cancers were allowed to develop because of poor liver function. Yet, without detoxification, it is not possible to ensure optimal function of the liver. Professor Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, discoverer of vitamin C and Nobel winner said, “Liver holds the secret of cancer prevention and cure.”

Cancer is also associated with acidic pH, which indicates low oxygen level in the body cells and tissues. It is impossible to overcome any disease condition when the body pH is below 7 but chemotherapy, radiation and surgery further lower the body pH and deplete the oxygen in the body cells. In 1931, Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering that low level of oxygen in the tissues triggers cancer development. Warburg also showed that cancer cells die in the presence of high oxygen concentration.

While it is indisputable that only healthy diet can raise body pH and level of oxygen in the body cells, conventional cancer treatment protocols do not reckon with the vital roles of foods in the treatment of cancer. Another key factor missing in conventional cancer treatment is healthy diet to correct the nutritional deficiencies that aggravate cancer in the body. Many clinical studies have shown that deficiencies of certain key nutrients including vitamins, minerals, hormones, essential fatty acids and enzymes trigger and aggravate cancer.

For instance, when I visited a cancer patient in one of the two teaching hospitals in Lagos two years ago, the sick lady was served a breakfast of bread and fried eggs plus the common caffeinated tea spiced with milk and refined sugar. The brother of the sick lady also told me that her lunch was the typical swallow meal bereft of fibre and fried meat. How will cancer patients survive when they undergo toxic treatments and are fed with unhealthy foods?  Giving cancer patients foods that triggered their ill-health in the hospital is a ticket to early grave.

Another diet-related factor fuelling cancer is faulty metabolism of protein, fats and carbohydrates. According to Dr. Cornelis Moerman MD (1893 – 1988), “faulty metabolism triggered by faulty eating is the fundamental cause of cancer”.  But the question is: how is it possible to correct faulty metabolism and heal cancer without healthy diet as a key component of cancer treatment protocol?

In effect, appropriate diet and lifestyle changes are critical to healing cancer because all the basic principles of healing revolve around it. For instance, hormonal imbalance is involved in breast, prostate and ovarian cancers and no headway can be made in treating these conditions without avoiding foods that contain growth – hormones.

Cancer is an immune deficiency disease, and nothing other than healthy diet and lifestyles can strengthen and stimulate immune system to defeat this malignant disease.

Anaemia is an inevitable part of cancer, because iron-deficiency anaemia does not only mean low level of hemoglobin, but also indicates low oxygen in the body. While high oxygen level killed cancer cells, anaemia makes this impossible due to deficiency of iron to produce hemoglobin- the carrier of oxygen to the cells. There is no cure for anaemia outside nutrition.

Cancer is also characterised by muscle wasting, which prolongs hospitalisation and delays recoveries. According to Dr. Christopher Adams of University of Iowa, USA, “muscle wasting is not well understood and there is no medicine for it”. But while there is no conventional therapy for muscle wasting medically known as atrophy, certain foods have proved effective in building muscles to help cancer patients halt muscle wasting.

In other words, cancer can only be cured with high powered nutrition supported with appropriate diet and lifestyle changes. There are numerous documented cases of cancer cure with natural approaches that encompass all the basic principles of healing that are compatible with the body’s self healing mechanism. But why are these natural approaches not used to treat cancer? The answer is not farfetched- natural products cannot be patented, and anything that cannot be patented is ignored by the orthodox medical establishment. After all, we cannot rule out business interest in modern medicine.  You must be in dreamland to think otherwise. Treating cancer with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery has a predictable end- financial ruin and premature death. Therefore, doing samething and expecting different result is sheer insanity.

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