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Heidi Klum: I Like To Teach My Kids How To Cook!

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“I think food is important,” the single supermodel mom of four tells YourTango.

Even more successful than when she was solely a cover girl, supermodel Heidi Klum hosts Project Runway, judges America’s Got Talent, hosts Germany’s Top Model, and designs kids’ clothing and women’s active wear, all while being a single mom to her four kids, Leni, Henry, Johan, and Lou.

So how does she do it? At an event for AGT, which returns to NBC tonight (May 27), Klum explains her own personal juggling act:

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YourTango: You’re a busy single mom now. How are you doing?
Heidi Klum:
Everything is good. I’m happy right now. My kids are doing great … I have four kids; they’re healthy, they’re happy. I love them to death.

YourTango: You’re always traveling. How do you manage with four kids?
Heidi Klum:
It’s all about planning. They’re very easy with it because they don’t know it any other way. They’ve been traveling since they’ve been babies. They’ve been in New York every summer since they’ve been babies and Project Runway has been really great that they’ve moved the schedule. When they’re off from school, I go to New York for three months and they come with me. I couldn’t leave them for that long a time. When we do AGT, I fly back and forth, so it’s always like two days out of the week because we do the live shows Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We start taping Project Runway in June.

YourTango: What are the kids into these days? What do they want to be?
Heidi Klum:
So far, they don’t really think about what they want to be when they grow up. Right now, it’s about going to school, having good grades, listening, helping at home, you know. I like to teach them how to cook. I’ve been doing that for a few years. I think food is important, especially nowadays. So they get very involved in that. And they all have their own little things that they love to do — soccer, gymnastics, flag football. They’re really into sports and I’m very much into that as well because I think sport is so important for kids.

YourTango: If they wanted to, would you let them try out for America’s Got Talent?
Heidi Klum:
My daughter has been saying that she wants to do a little dance troupe and she wants to go on. But, you know, different kind of children do this. They are kids with a gift and they started usually around three years old. My daughter is really into dancing, but it’s more of a hobby for her. These kids are like, they want to be dancers, that’s their passion and some kids have that. My kids don’t really have that. And it is weird because their mom and dad [ex-husband Seal] are both entertainers and go on stage. I’m fine with that. I’m not pushing them to go that way. There are many other jobs that they can do. I wouldn’t be against it but since it’s not a question, I’m just leaving it alone. It is a tough business, the entertainment business.

YourTango: So what’s new on AGT this season?
Heidi Klum: 
A lot of twerking! There were a lot of twerkers. People are more inventive, I think. They see a certain act and want to top it. We have a golden buzzer — now every judge has the opportunity to save someone. So if someone gets three Xs, they’re automatically out. But if you believe in that person that much, you can hit the golden buzzer and save them, but only one time throughout the whole season.

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YourTango: Do the contestants’ emotional stories ever suck you in and make you vote for them?
Heidi Klum:
If the act is not good, I don’t care how sad or how deep the background story is. If the act is bad, they get my X and my No. If someone just has a bad audition, sometimes I can still sense that there’s something there and I want to give them another chance. We look at 50 acts in one day. Sometimes it’s hard — it’s kind of like Groundhog Day because we usually get ready at 8:00, start taping at 10:30, and shoot until 9:00 at night so it’s act after act. You get overwhelmed, and at the end of the day you’re loopy. But I have to really focus because it’s a great chance for these people and I owe it to them.

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Photo: Chelsea Lauren/NBC

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