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Will you share your unclad pictures with your partner?

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By Vanessa Enofe, Naija Center News

It’s becoming an everyday issue for guys exposing the pictures of their lovers after relationship goes sour.

There has been many situations where mostly men uploading pictures of their ex lovers out of anger on the internet for the public to see. Usually, pictures are exchanged when the relationship is sweet, when the heart beats and promises are made.

Some folks believe that sharing nude picture with your partner is out of desperation in trying to prove your love, without knowing if your partner loves you back.

It’s a risky trade to trust these days as many people now take advantage of the situation to either blackmail their partners to remain in the relationship or even sometimes siphoning money from you.

There was a situation of a young man on Facebook who lured his victims to a certain hotel in Lagos, took their pictures and blackmailed them the next day. His victims were mainly married women who he succeeded in promising jobs and requesting for sex before offering their desires.

The women could not tell their best friends nor report the situation to the police until one of them, despite the consequence, informed the police who later arrested the blackmailer.

It could be recalled that Nigerian celebrity and musician, Don Jazzy expressed disappointment over some girls who he said were desperate enough to send their nude pictures to him just to convince him so as to get invited to his abode.

One would think that women know the value of their body or they wouldn’t go extra miles to selling it out for a penny or love.

The same situation goes to the men who their penis are all over the internet over their action when the going were sweet.

Some group believe that the problem are the men who betray their partners by sharing such pictures since such information were shared during a relationship. These people believe such men should be arrested and sued to deprive more people from doing it. Since the pictures are already on the internet, there is nothing more to loose but put a stop by suing the betrayal.

Few days ago, a certain boy posted a picture of a girl who he said cheated on him, on the internet, calling her all sorts of names.

You can view the pictures here


And am going to say this here that ladies should stop sending their nude pictures.You have so many ways you can proof your love to your partner, try some other ways, nude pics is not a proof for true love and so is sex…Love demands more decency and responsibility.

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