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Buhari, APC Sabotaged Jonathan’s Effort to Defeat Boko Haram – Military Source

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Despite President Buhari’s claim that the Nigerian originated jihadists, popularly known as Boko Haram are defeated, some soldiers believed otherwise.

For what seems to be a fallout, a tune out of anger, a source in the Nigerian military who didn’t want to be named for security reasons, lambasted Buhari regular claims that the jihadists are not Muslims.

Boko Haram, Sambisa forest
Boko Haram, Sambisa forest

According to the aggrieved Former general, plans made by the Goodluck Jonathan administration to wipe out Boko Haram were sabotaged by some jihadists in official uniforms who believed that it was a shame for an infidel to bring the religion to its knee.

Though without mentioning Buhari’s name, the source said “All the recent noise about defeat of Boko Haram terrorists is so deceptive. It must be noted as a mission in furtherance of their belief and propaganda to achieve two things.

“First to vindicate Islam by presenting it as not being responsible for all the evil done by this terrible Jihadists movement. He had devoted a substantial portion of his inaugural speech in trumpeting this deception. Much of what he had to say there was to insist that Islam was not responsible for the atrocities.

“That message was more of an imam’s speech . The fact is that the last regime had already positioned the military to finally destroy the Boko Haram terrorists even while the tyrant  and his APC were busy encouraging and  profiting from the exploits of the evil organisation.”

The source took a punch at President Buhari and his political party for the alleged roles they played in sabotaging Jonathan’s effort to defeat Boko Haram.

“Secondly,  himself, his party and many Muslim fanatic military officers who were so committed  to sabotaging the counter-terrorist operations under Jonathan  were mainly concerned that, Jonathan, an ‘infidel’ must not be credited with defeating an organisation identified with Islam. This to them would be an unacceptable aberration .

“Most of those officers sabotaging the operations under last leadership  eventually became the earliest appointees to command in the NA as soon as the tyrant assumed power. People fail to ask what really is his tangible strategic input of this tyrant to this defeat of Boko Haram terrorists that he so much wants to be credited with?

“All the equipment used were procured by last regime.  All the Special forces were trained under last regime. The MNJTF was an idea fully packaged by last regime. The massive recruitment, retraining & restructuring of NA all under last regime.

“The efforts to restore discipline which opposition politicians worked to undermine and incite was also not by this wicked regime of propagandists.

“In actual fact, part of the reasons  anger of the tyrant’s regime against  Dasuki and leadership of military under Jonathan was because of the totality the efforts to roundly defeat Boko Haram terrorists and terrorism in Nigeria .

“This is the background and  the true narrative of the much noised December  2016 victory over Boko Haram terrorists. I wish this understanding is available to Nigerians and historian on our nation’s travails”.

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