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CDD Accuses Buhari Of Turning Blind Eye To Corruption

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A social-political initiative, the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of looking the other way as corruption becomes endemic within his administration. 

The CDD said the President has the habit of turning blind eye to corruption within his government. 

The CDD director, Idayat Hassan said the assessment report showed that Buhari’s administration is also battling with declining fiscal transparency.

“In the first place, the five year assessment situates anti-corruption as a signature issue around which President Buhari has built a personal political brand, making it the major plank on which he won the historic election of 2015,” the organisation said.

“In the area of achievements, the assessment makes the point about how the Buhari administration has worked to elevate the fight against corruption by placing as its top national policy priority. It further notes the empowerment of anti-corruption agencies, and the Buhari administration’s effort to free them up to pursue far-reaching investigations into political and bureaucratic corruption.

“The assessment asserts that expenditures in the defence and security sector continue to escape public and legislative scrutiny, and mostly occur under emergency procurement processes that lack basic anti-corruption safeguards,” the organisation said.

“Another shortcoming identified by the Five Year Assessment is the failure of the government to achieve the required reforms in the petroleum sector. President Buhari who doubles as the Minister of Petroleum Resources, the assessment avers bears personal responsibility for his government’s failure to undertake basic, and long overdue, reforms to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).”

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