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Fani-Kayode Bamboozles Buhari’s Four Years Administration

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A former Minister of Aviation Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode said President Muhammadu Buhari’s last four years have witnessed more poverty, death and economic recession than ever before.

The former Minister was answering questions on Rave radio about the President’s performance.

Chief Fani-Kayode
Chief Fani-Kayode

The Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said Buhari’s administration has divided Nigeria among religious and ethnic lines, adding that the government placed its kins in all security agency position except the Navy.

“Buhari’s legacy of his first four years is with division, strife, poverty, blood, death, failure and deceit. What he has managed to do is to divide Nigerians more than ever before. Even during the Nigeria civil war, the division was not as pronounced as it is now because at that time the whole nation rally together to fight a group of people that wanted to break off for whatever reason, we were more united against those that wanted to secede.

“Today what you have is virtually every tribe, every region, and every religion is divided. We are divided on tribal, ethnic and religious line as never before. His legacy has witnessed genocide, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, you know, thousands and thousands of people killed, slaughtered by the second most deadly terrorist organization in the world, Boko Haram and the fourth most terrorist organization in the world, that is Fulani herdsmen, according to the world terror index.”

The Minister argued that Buhari has neutralized Boko Haram terrorist, describing it as a propaganda.

Fani-Kayode said there have been more killing of Nigerian soldiers under Buhari’s watch, alleging that he has given the terrorist more money.

“This organization, these terrorists have grown under his watch and have become more powerful than ever before and that is his legacy. When you look at the economy, all you see is poverty, all you see is stagnation, all you see is recession, and all you see is frustration and I do believe that if he continues in office, once he is sworn in and he stays there for another four years, we are likely not to have a Nigeria left at all simply because people are not prepared to just sit there and continuously be slaughtered by Buhari’s kinsmen and those who share his faith.

“Another part of his legacy is this, in the history of our country, we have never had a situation whereby every single security chief in the country whether is intelligence agency, the military or paramilitary, there are 19 of them, every single one of them, except for one in terms of operational control and command of those organization is headed by a northern Muslim. Only the Navy is headed by a Christian and by a Southerner and that is unacceptable as far as i am concerned. That is his legacy, the fulanization and Islamization of Nigeria and something has to be done to stop it and that is why we are resisting him and opposing him.”

The Minister, however, acknowledged that the President made the dream of the South-West come through by making June 12 a democracy day.

He also appreciated his decision to pay the pension for the Nigerian airways workers in the aviation.

“I see virtually nothing that is in the positive column, absolutely nothing. the only thing I would conceive is the fact that he decreed that June 12 should be made Democracy day, this is something the PDP failed to do, over a number of years, some of us within the PDP or served the PDP government, many years ago, agitated for that and it ought to be done a long time ago but Buhari has done that and for whatever reason, he has done that and that I commend him for together with the fact that he released the pension for the Nigerian airway workers in the aviation workers which was very dear to me. “

The Minister added that Boko Haram was restricted to Sambisa Forest under the former President Goodluck Jonathan contrary to many reports that Buhari administration tactically dismantled the organization.

“Let me tell you what we have now and let’s start where we ought to start and that is what happened just before he came in. There was a time when Abuja and various town within the middle belt zone of Nigeria were being attacked by Boko Haram, there is no question about that, that is a historical fact, however, before Jonathan left and towards the end of his tenure, 2014 just before the election, Boko Haram had been confined to Sambisa forest.

“The whole of the northeast, the whole of the north, and the middle belt was free of Boko Haram, they had been contained and confined, forget about the propaganda that you have heard over the last four years, these are not factual. After Buhari came in, they left Sambisa forest and started making towards the northeast again.

“Today what you have is the situation where they have spread throughout the northeast, they control various local government areas, they are killing more people than ever before, they have more money and more power than ever before, why? Because Buhari insists on paying huge ransoms, an unprecedented amount of money has been paid to Boko Haram by this government and not only that, more Boko Haram prisoners have been released by this government than any other since Boko Haram started, more Boko Haram fighters have been integrated and put in uniform and integrated into the Nigerian army and we have more of our soldiers being killed today than ever before but you know you won’t read about it in the newspaper, you won’t hear about it on the radio and TV, because there is literally a news blackout on these matters and that is what has been going on.”

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