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How Edo State Fire Service Allowed Santana Market Burns To Ashes

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It was a tragic moment for traders in Santana Market in Benin City, Edo State on Saturday night after fire razed down goods worth millions.

Traders rushed to the venue weeping and rolling on the floor as they watched their life savings burned into ashes.

One of the victims of the market raze identified as Dogo was devastated when his hope on the Fire Service in Benin was dashed.

How Edo State Fire Service Allows Santana Market Burns To Ashes
Santana Market in Benin City

NAIJA CENTER correspondent who was on the ground watched the event as it unfolded.

Dogo rushed to the market after getting a hint of the incident. He immediately dialed the Fire Service’s number but was not reachable.

Desperate, the caretaker ran frantically to the office but the officials claimed they didn’t have fuel in their vehicles.

Dogo ran to the nearest fuel station and bought fuel in their vehicle, however, at the time the Fire Service arrived at the scene, it was almost out of control.

“They were there for hours, at the time they started, they put off the fire at the entrance and claimed they were out of water. They drove off while the man was devastated”

Dogo, our correspondent gathered own many shops with his wife and the family owns the land in which the market is built on.

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