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I Don’t Want To Be A Part Of State Police, Says Buhari

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The Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari said he does not want to be part of state police even though it may be a good initiative.

President Muhammadu Buhari departs on a 3-day official visit to Kenya
President Muhammadu Buhari

He made the comment while entertaining questions on Arise TV

He, however, expressed his worries about it, saying that many state government could not pay their salaries.

“It may be more efficient, which was why I congratulated the governor of Lagos State (Akinwunmi Ambode) when he started the Lagos State Neighbourhood Corps. It’s a good initiative,” the President said in a recorded interview aired on Arise TV on Monday night.

He said, “Lagos State is richer than the Federal Government. How many states are there that can pay salaries and you now ask them to go and form state Police?

“And, do you know what can happen if you can’t feed the Police? Do you just give him uniform and a gun but can’t pay him salaries for six months?

“It’s going to be a problem and I don’t want to be a part of it.”

Buhari also said he had expressed his concerns to the police boss over its inefficiency.

“I have a problem with the Police and I told them that, from my training and experience, the Police are supposed to be in the front line.

“Now, Nigerians are seeing soldiers on the streets. This is not good for the Police and I told them this some months ago,” he said.

I Have Been Fair To The Igbos Despite Getting Low Votes From Them

Buhari in the same interview attacked those who claimed he had not been fair to the Igbos.

The President said even though he got low votes from the South-East, he had not marginalized them as they claimed.

Mr President also promised to constitute his cabinet on time if he was re-elected.

“Somebody made an observation that I was not patronising the Igbo from the South East. I told him that when I won the election, I studied the amount of votes I got from all the geopolitical zones. 

“I said I got 198,000 from the whole of the South East, which virtually any local government can give me. But I appointed ministers of foreign affairs, labour, industries, and investment, mines and tech; these four; I never knew them from Adam. Ministers of States from seven states of the north are under these ministers. How fair do you want me to be?” he added.

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