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Nigerian priest gives reasons for rape

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A Nigerian Anglican priest has blamed indecent dressing by ladies and the lack of the fear of God, for the increasing cases of rape.

The priest at St Luke Anglican Church, Akwakuma, Owerri, Rev. Ogechi Ofurum, said a God fearing man would regard any woman as his biological sister and not be motivated to rape her.

He said indecent dressing by young ladies also caused men without self-control to commit rape.

“The type of skimpy clothes ladies wear nowadays is appalling. Clothes that children of 10 and 11 years wear have now become the fashion of adults of 18 years and above.

“Those clothes are so tight on them that every part of their body shows, thereby provoking men to force themselves on them,” he said.

The priest said increased cases of rape in Nigeria and the world proved the fulfillment of what the Bible said about the last days.

“The Bible says iniquity will abound at the last days before Jesus comes. So, evil is on the increase as a sign of the end time,” he said.

He stressed the need for people to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal savior, adding that iniquity will reduce in the society if men are godly.

He also advised women to have a sense of morality.

“Young girls should dress modestly and let those who use rape as a trap for their opponents, especially those in politics and offices, desist from it.

“We advocate a change spiritually by calling on all to surrender to Jesus and maintain etiquette in all they do. God has given us conscience to know good and bad, let’s stick to what is good,” he said.

.Have your say: Do you agree with the priest’s theory that indecent dressing by ladies and the lack of the fear of God, are the chief reasons for rape?

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