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Pictures: Anger As Policemen Kill Young Couple In Lagos State

Police at Dino Melaye's Private Residence
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  • Organisation demands prosecution of senior officers
  • killer officers are victims too

While Nigerians are yet to come to terms with the death of a football fan Kolade Johnson by a police inspector Olalekan Ogunyemi in Mangoro area of Lagos, the killing of a yet another young Nigerian has caused uproar.

Police at Dino Melaye's Private Residence
Police at Dino Melaye’s Private Residence

The Nigerian police shot two young lovers identified as Ada Ifeanyi and Emanuel Akomafuwa on their way from night club in Olodi Apapa, Apapa, Lagos on Saturday morning.

One of the policemen waved down the driver Akonmafuna who refused to stop immediately and was chased down by the men in uniform who opened fire on them.

The Victims of Extrajudicial killing in Lagos

According to a twitter handle who first disclosed the incident, Sega L’eveilleur, a member of the Social Intervention Advocacy Foundation  said “Just yesterday we received a report of indiscriminate pursuit and shooting of two individuals coming from a club. Policemen from Trinity police station Ajegunle shot at them. The 20-year-old girl died on the spot, while the young man is hospitalized in dire condition.

“They were coming from the club last night, as alleged when police chased them, double-crossed them and shot the guy while the lady in question was shot twice. Something is critically wrong with the police across Nigeria and it is time the society resist being prey. “

He added “Society MUST stand against armed robbers and kidnappers. Any police squad in illegal duty must never be obeyed. Any police officer that demands for your phone have already shown he is acting outside the law. Society must respond and resist. You are not breaking any law.

“Police the world over are meant to protect lives and properties. Ours have chosen to take lives, abduct citizens arbitrarily and rob them at gunpoint. This is armed robbery/kidnapping and society must do the needful or keep losing our youth. This is the only language that works!

“Henceforth any police officer that brutalizes any citizen will answer to society. You are about to lose your authority for good. Professionalism is all that we ask, take off criminals in uniform off our streets and keep them out of the stations. We will no longer condone chaos! “

A member of the CSO Accountability Network Obuesi Philips said “I got a call this morning from my town union to step into a matter concerning the murderous killing of a young girl, daughter of my towns man. This happened at Wilmet area of Ajegunle,” said Obuesi Phillips, a member of the CSO Accountability Network

“The story is that the lady, Adaobi Ojide, and her boyfriend were on their way from a nightclub Saturday morning when they were waved down by policemen.

“According to the story, when the boyfriend, being the driver didn’t immediately stop, the Police gave a chase and caught up with the vehicle.

“The Police shot at the young man on the head. The young lady, seeing that her boyfriend had been shot at, raised her voice against the policemen, who promptly shot at her also. The young lady Adaobi Ojide died instantly on the spot while the boyfriend is yet alive. I was also informed that the DPO last night visited the father and the CP has also visited the father of the late young lady.” 

Meanwhile, The CP has responded swiftly to this incident and made arrests of the officers involved in the shooting in Ajegunle that claimed the life of one and hospitalized another. He vowed to ensure the prosecution of these officers as deterrent to would be offenders.

The Policemen arrested are (1) Inspector Adamu Usman (2) Sergeant Adeyeye Adeoye (3) Sergeant Kashim Tijani (4) Sergeant Lucky Akigbe and (5) Sergeant Paul Adeoye while Inspector Dania Ojo who escaped immediately after the shooting incident is declared wanted by the Command.

The Policemen who killed couples in Lagos
The Arrested killer policemen
The Police officer declared wanted
Declared Wanted

The Social Intervention Advocacy Foundation  has demanded that arresting the killer officers is no longer enough as the senior officers sending the rank and file policemen are left unchecked.

“When Kolade Johnson was murdered, the policemen arrested the shooter and charged him to court for murder. But we at SIAF said this is not enough. No police officer/squad can carry out a raid without approval of superior officers. The officers in charge must be brought in also.

“These are the senior officers placing weekly demands on the rank & file to kidnap and rob citizens at gunpoint while they compete in their ill-gotten wealth from weekly deliveries. They are the ones feeding off the blood of the innocent. Arrest the DPOs, Area Commanders too. “

“The police officers killing innocent citizens are under double pressure. They are victims too even though this does not excuse their actions. Their salaries are being stolen by the welfare department through unjust deductions and they can’t even protest because of regimentation.

“Officers that has been delivering get security Of posting, promotion and even less deductions in salary. So the murderous thugs you see out there are fighting for their own survival too at your expense. The time shut down the madness is now! Arrest the superior officers too! ” it demanded.

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Copyright 2020 Naija Center News. All Rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on the website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, or rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from Naija Center.

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