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Presidential Amnesty Program: BNC writes Buhari; Complains About Prof. Charles Dokubo

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Purge Presidential Amnesty Program of Clannishness – BNC urge President Buhari: An Open Letter by the Benin National Congress to President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, 2nd December 2018.

With profound respect to the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, we are constrained to urgently bring to your attention an orchestrated mischief to clannishly undermined Edo peoples inclusion into the lofty programs of Presidential Amnesty Program Prof. Charles Dokubo and his clienteles who seeks to perpetuate the exclusion of Edo people from the lofty objectives of the agency.

The body language of the agency to the justiceable demand of inclusion of our people vide formal letters and presentation of 491 scholarship candidates is that – our people are not known for armed struggle or organized crimes against oil pipelines and installations. So, what we have deduced from the sound bite around Prof. Charles Dokubo led management is that until our 491 candidates whose scholarship fates are on his table and faces bleak academic future have resorted to the insurgency, they won’t be admitted into the forthcoming list of Amnesty Program candidates of universities. This is most absurd, and we can’t guarantee the repercussions of any self-help by our scholarship candidates who bear the brunt of oil exploration in their soil.

Benin National Congress BNC
Benin National Congress BNC

We believe that perhaps our people are not from the same clan or family with Prof. Charles Dokubo, that’s why he has been treating Benin National Congress correspondences with scorn and nepotism. Mr President, Prof. Charles Dokubo must be told in clear terms that Niger Delta region is not the prerogative of his clan, and Edo people’s exclusion is an affront on our sensibilities; a betrayal of the oath of his office, and gross inequity. Prof. Dokubo is not too old to learn the basic demands of the office, and he should be told that his so-called Professorship doesn’t confer absolutism of knowledge on him.

We wish to declare here and now that if Edo peoples names are not captured in the forthcoming batch of the Presidential Amnesty Scholarship program, we will take absolute steps to protest this Dokubo policy of exclusion to any length necessary. Prof. Charles Dokubo is attempting to draw a new map of Niger Delta where Edo State is not included. This is, to say the least unfortunate and highly unacademic of a so-called Professor of his standing. A people that have been excluded for over nine years surely have grounds for grand protests, and ideally, a good officer must nip crisis associated with unbridled exclusion of this nature in the bud.

Comrade Sabastine Izore,
Director of Mobilization

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