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Quality Content in Digital Era: Training and Retraining is the key – Mr. Yemi Sonde.

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National Broadcasting Commision NBC/Yemi Sonde’s 5th Broadcast Media Stakeholders’ Forum held in Ibadan.

The fifth edition of NBC/Yemi Shonde Broadcast Media Stakeholders’ Forum was an occasion that could be described as the convergence of the Old and New schools version of the Broadcat Industry in Nigeria as the attendance of broadcasters at the occasion span from the veterans who work all their life on Analog productions and the generation of the present days Digital age Broadcasters from both the Print, Electronics and the Online media companies converged with the National Broadcasting Commision to Discuss the topic “Quality Content in Digital Era: A Regulator’s Perspective”

The occasion which was held at Trenchard Hall, University of Ibadan yestaday Tuesday 24th October, 2017 has in attendace the Oyo State Governor, ably represented by the Comissioner of Information, Culture & Tourism, Mr. Yemi Arulogun.

Also in attendance are Amb. Dr. Yemi Farounbi who was a veteran Journalist and also a formal Nigerian Ambassador to Phillipine,Mrs Franca Aiyetan, the Zonal Director NBC, Mrs Olajumoke Coker, Zonal Director NBC Ibadan zone, Mr. Dotun. Saseyi, General Manager, Petals fm Ibadan. Mrs. Toun Okewale Shonanya, CEO Women FM, Mr O Mark Emakpore, a former Director of NBC and the father of Nigeria Broadcasting Code, Prof Ayo Ojebode, the Head of Department, Communication and Language Art University of Ibadan, and the Police Public Relation Officer Adekunle Ajisebutu among other big shots in the Broadcast Media industry.

In His welcome address, the Forum Convener, Mr. Yemi Sonde welcome every broadcasters both old and young to the forum and charge all to take cognisance of the sensitivity of the media content to which they are packaging for their Audience consumption as this in one way or the other affect them either positive or negatively, He advised media house owners to encourage and sponsor their employee to training on content formation, management. And Delivery.

In His opening remark, the Chairman of the occasion, Amb. Dr. Yemi Farounbi in his attempt to make a coparison between media contents and advertorial packagings during the analog broadcast days, and the present days concludes that the change that could be described as a drastic fall in quality is due to the difference in Audiences as the audiences that were been broadcasted to in the 70s and 80s are not the same with the present day audience and so their expectations differs due to the fact that they (the audience) are more exposed to the Western world and culture this days, they are now more matured and so is their expactations, He also mentioned the competetions among Broadcasting Media outlets as another factor militating against decency in Media Quality delivery such that your Audience have acess to others if you do not give out ‘what they want to listen to’ as there are almost 30 media outlets now in Ibadan only, which He compares to His days when His audience has no other option because they only have the Oyo State Broadcasting TV and Radio stations only at their disposal. He also emphasised staff training as a way by which we can have a Quality Content Control, in his words, Dr. Farounbi said: When talking about media Content Control, we have to consider the competence of every Hands involved in the formation of media content from conception to Delivery, they all must be well trained. He noted that as there are more media houses springing up nowadays, there are less effort to make able hands in production in terms of training, thus the fall in Quality Contents delivery.

The Commisioner of Information, Culture & Tourism Mr. Yemi Arulogun who represented the State Governor, Sen. Isiaka Ajimobi at the occasion said; lack of Direction is one of the reasons why Quality content delivery is jeopardised as most media houses have no goal or target, some of them just has Presenters that come on air without a Script and start talking “directionlessly”, claiming that the Microphone is their source of inspiration, When talking about Content Regulation, there must be a direction, the media outlets must create a niche for themselves. He made it clear that there must also be development as their is Growth already in our media industry. Finally, He advised fellow broadcasters to broadcast to express and not to impress. He congratulates the forum Organisers on the succes of this edition.

The NBC/Yemi Sonde Broadcast Media Stakeholders’ Forum comes once every two years and this year’s makes it a decade from its inception. It is a forum oorganised to bridge the misguided disparity between the percieved ‘Real Broadcasters’ and the freelance /Independence Broadcasters in the media Industry in this part of the country and the forum as over the time proven its competence in building this bridge, and there has been a big leap regarding broadcasting’s codes of ethics’ adherence by the practitioners since convening the forum.

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