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Some Nigerians Cannot Recite National Anthem, Says Lai Mohammed

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The Minister of Information Lai Mohammed says many Nigerians cannot recite the National anthem.

The Minister took a swipe at Nigerians on Thursday while speaking at “Mindshift Advocacy for Development Initiative”.

Some Nigerians Cannot Recite National Anthem, Says Lai Mohammed
Lai Mohammed

Mohammed was represented by a director of the ministry, Samuel Soughul.

The Minister said contrary to today’s findings, Nigerians are supposed to love Nigeria and everything about her.

He referred to the President, Muhammadu Buhari‘s “change begins with me” as a ‘value-orientation campaign’

“I think we are making progress. I won’t say all, there are few bad eggs in our society that are forming the clog in the wheel of our progress. Let’s start from basics,” he said.

“If you love your country, you must love anything that is associated with your country. You love your country and you love your countrymen, you love the paraphernalia of the state.

“The national anthem, some of us cannot read, cannot recite, cannot write. Is it the currency of the country, Naira, that we abuse? Is it the constitution that we do not obey its provisions? We have a lot to say but the future is still bright.

“In 1976, there was a desire by Prof. Felicia Adewole to come up with a contract for citizens to sign with their country, Nigeria, and she made a draft which was proved right. That is what we have today as a national pledge.

“By following that pledge, we will not have turbulence around our homes, we will not need bullet-proof vehicles, we will be our brother’s keeper.

“Now, President Muhammadu Buhari, having viewed this with concerns launched a value-reorientation campaign ‘Change begins with me’. This campaign is not a slogan and it should not be associated with party slogan as such. It is a patriotic slogan and campaign – a value-reorientation campaign.

“What it means is that the change we want should start with us instead of pointing accusing fingers.”

It could be recalled that in 2017, the Nigeria ambassador to the United States, Sylvanus Nsofor could not recite the national anthem at the National Assembly.

The octogenarian reportedly challenged the National Assembly for asking him to recite the national anthem.

He was at that time nominated by President Muhammadu Buhari as a non-career ambassador.

“Why should I do so?” he reportedly said. “You should have sent me a syllabus.”

Buhari renominated him after he was rejected by the Senate and he is currently an ambassador.

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