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Soyinka Reacts To Incident On Airplane

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  • says he can’t pick a wrong seat and justify it

The Nigeria Nobel laureate has finally broken silence on the controversial seat on an airline.

A picture was first posted by a businessman and politician, Tonye Patrick earlier in the week. He narrated how Soyinka occupied a seat that belonged to an airline passenger and the argument it generated.

Watch And Pray, Watch And Prey By Wole Soyinka
Watch And Pray, Watch And Prey By Wole Soyinka

According to Tonye, the young man insisted that the Nobel laureate must vacate a seat allotted to him on the aircraft.

The Politician said he was having a conversation with the Professor when the young man cut in, saying the prof must relocate to his own seat.

He said every effort to make the man change his mind were negative.

The incident had sparked a series of debate. Some defended the unidentified airline passenger, others castigated him.

On Saturday, Soyinka finally reacted to the incident, saying it was a non-issue to him. He wondered why it generated so much buzz on social media.

“Those who permit themselves to be persuaded, even for one second that I, Wole Soyinka, having wrongly identified a seat number like millions of travellers all the time, and all over the world, would then attempt to consolidate the error in any form, through act, word, or gesture, qualify to be the first beneficiaries of this vastly improved humanitarian policy,” he said.

“I don’t know how much airlines succeed in raising for their charity drives through those envelopes they distribute to passengers into which their captive donors are exhorted to deposit their loose change before disembarking. Such monies are then distributed to worthy causes all over the world, especially in the pursuit of health,” he said.

“What I am convinced of is that they would generate a hundred times more if they were more creative. For instance, they could impose a fine on passengers who take the wrong seat on boarding, even for a second. One can only rejoice in the thought of such benefits to humanity in its efforts to eradicate all kinds of diseases, especially malnutrition, and ensure the supply of nutrients that prevent the premature onset of brain impairment.”

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