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2023: Igbo Presidency Does Not Exist, Says Okorocha

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The embattled Senator representing Imo West, Rochas Okorocha said on Thursday that Igbo Presidency does not exist.

He made the statement after he was sworn into the Senate.

Rochas Okorocha, Senator reprsenting Imo West

The former the All Progressives Congress (APC) governor said the Igbos need to work a little harder to earn Presidency.

He was responding to a question on whether his party will give a chance to Igbo’s Presidency in 2023.

He responded that the South-East alone cannot make themselves President.

His words: “Power is not given, power is taken. The south-east cannot just fold their arms and expect power to be given to them just because you want to power. Power does not go with sentiment some of the times, it’s on issues on the ground,” Okorocha said.

“So you cannot be talking about Igbo presidency, it doesn’t exist. We may be talking about Nigeria’s president of Igbo extraction but that depends on what other geo-political zones think about the issue.

“For me, what is important is let power be given to somebody who has something upstairs who can put food on the table of common man irrespective of religion or where you come from.”

Responding on whether Independent National Electoral Commission would appeal the verdict compelling it to issue him a certificate of return, Okorocha said “it will be very surprising”

“Duress means using mild or excessive force to compel someone to do something he or she does not want to do,” he said.

“How would you have done that in a returning hall where you have police, SSS and party agents? And in my own person walking with gun or machete asking them to write result on my behalf.

“That didn’t happen. I think there is more to duress than duress itself.”

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