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Adams Oshiomhole Finishing Weak and Bruised!

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The Edo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has said the state governor, Adams Oshiomhole is finishing his administration weak and bruised sequel to the controversies that has marred his government policies in the last few weeks.

Oshiomhole has been bombarded by civil societies, PDP, youths, elder women and traders in the state for imposing and enacting Land Use Charge on the people despite the outcry against it.

The season of peaceful protest continues in Edo State. Today, women, market women, traders and wives went out to protest the manner and way Gov Adams has been carrying on. The women all clad in Ododo (red), while some are naked exposing their breast.

Protest against Oshiomhole
Protest against Oshiomhole

Last week, the civil society led a very successful protest of up to 10000 men, women and youths against the what they termed as “inhuman tax and government policies” as it affect education, health and employment.

Two days after, it was alleged that the governor paid some unemployed youths to do a “counter protest” that has generally been adjourned unsuccessful.

Responding to the protest carried out in Benin today by elderly women who protested nude to express their anger towards Oshiomhole new Land Use Charge law, the PDP Publicity Secretary, Nosa Chris Nehikhare said rather than act as a palliative to the people’s dire living conditions, the governor began to curse, abuse, threaten  and “misbehave” instead of “presenting his scorecard”.

“In his anger and disappointment on seeing the few misguided youths, the governor went berserk. He deplored all sort of insults and fowl language on his perceived enemies.”

Oshiomhole during the celebration of his 7th year anniversary had appealed to the people that the tax was necessary to cater for the ongoing projects in the state.

The governor had accused the PDP of masterminding a protest against him because of his determination to totally deliver Edo State from many years PDP misrule.

The PDP Publicity Secretary said “Beyond the famed garrulity and the loquacious “Notice Me” mentality of Gov Adams Aliyu Eric Oshiomhole, the Governor of Edo State, the man has an innate penchant for stirring the ‘hornet nests’ on popular issues and individuals. Additionally, Gov Oshiomhole is noted for having a predilection for chronic fault-finding and a holier-than-thou attitude towards other people and a self-imposed image of that prototypical ‘sinless politician’, that has not dipped his fingers into our common patrimony.

Nehikhare continued “Governor Adams walked the same unholy path when at his 7th anniversary town hall meeting, he went into a tantrum and like a child whose toys have been removed from him, began to curse, abuse, threaten  and “misbehave” instead of “presenting his scorecard

“In spite of the governor’s promise to the people of Edo State that his administration will engender good governance and cater to the overall welfare of the people, the reverse has been the case, seven years on.  The use of excessive and illogical taxation as an oppression tool found expression and utility value under the Oshiomhole regime. The activation of the morbid Land Use Charge Act is designed to fight political battles, nail perceived enemies and emasculate the opposition in preparation for the epic electoral battle that the 2016 governorship election promises to be.

“There is no gainsaying the fact that the hollow myth surrounding Oshiomhole has come full circle and that the discerning people of Edo State have finally discovered that all along they have been taken on a circus ride.

“If “Finishing Strong” is exemplified by an intimidating portfolio of failed “, mega projects”; inflated “legacy projects”; poorly-finished projects and undelivered “messianic” promises premised on those policies, programmes and projects that would have impacted positively on Edo people, then Oshiomhole should proudly wear the tag of the governor who “Finished Weak and Bruised” at the expiry of his eight-year tenure.

“If “Finishing Strong” is epitomised by unbridled innate rascality, trademark garrulity, combativeness and calculated insolence to both old and young, then “Comrade” Oshiomhole has indeed “Finished Weak and Bruised” and the people of Edo State cannot wait till November 12, 2016 to show him and his All progressives Congress, the Red Card!

“A good leader should embody, exhibit, exude and execute service to his people with undiluted courage, implicit self-confidence, thespian wisdom, truth, positive vision, unwavering impartiality and absolute fear of God.

“In his dealings with the people of Edo State, Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole never employed these leadership virtues.

He is indeed Finishing Weak and Bruised.

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