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Confusion as Ativie denies lawyer over statement against Oshiomhole

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The embattled former Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly, Hon. Elizabeth Ativie has denied giving instruction to her lawyer to issue a statement against the former governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole over the official cars of the office of the speaker which was allegedly handed to her.

Elizabeth Ativie
Elizabeth Ativiee

Ativie,  was impeached along side with his Speaker, Hon. Justin Okonoboh last month by 19 members of the house over alleged misconduct.

The house instructed the impeached Deputy to return the official cars in her possession: 2016 Lexus SUG, One Toyota Prado and Two Toyotal Hilux vans which were estimated to N128m.

However, Ativie cried that the car was gifted to her by the former governor after she was asked to step down as a former speaker in order to balance the political zone in the state, which gave way to Justin Okonoboh.

The former Deputy speaker also revealed that she had sold one of the vehicles, a statement which had attracted condemnation from the opposition, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who had asked the ICPC to investigate Oshiomhole and Ativie.

On Thursday, the issue took a different turn after a statement by Ativiei’s lawyer, Mr. Olayiwola Afolabi was released to the media, calling for a forensic analysis of the ex-governor’s signature in order to verify the authenticity of the letter which was earlier received by his client, directing her to accept the cars as a personal gift.

The statement called for the prosecution of Oshiomhole for allegedly deceiving his client into believing that he had the power to gift her official vehicles.

In a new twist, Ativie had distance  herself from the lawyer’s statement, saying she never gave the order for such statement against her party leader.

Ativie said, “I never authorised him (Afolabi) to publish such a comment against the leader (Oshiomhole) of my party, the APC in the state and someone who all of us have high regard and respect for. I was shocked to read that (statement) in the papers and I want to apologise to my leader for any embarrassment that may have caused him, She said.

She said she had been meeting with party leaders over the issue and the matter was being discussed and a solution would be arrived at soon.

“I have been passing through a lot all this while and I have not been in the press over the issue because I know and believe in the ability of the leaders of the party to handle the matter. I have been talking and discussing with party leaders in the state and they are finding a solution to the problem.

“So I was really embarrassed with that publication which tends to pitch me against my leader, Oshiomhole, who liberated our people from bondage in Edo state.”

Ativie denied being in conflict with Oshiomhole, adding that the problem at the EDHA was an internal conflict.

“Let me state clearly here that I have no quarrel with Oshiomhole. And all those trying to hijack the change of leadership in the state House of Assembly should steer clear because it is purely an internal matter of our party,” she said.



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