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Fayose picks N11m governorship form, says APC is a cult

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ABUJA-AHEAD of Ekiti Stat governorship election, former governor of the State, Chief Ayo Fayose yesterday stormed the Wadata Plaza, national secretariat of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP with his supporters  to pick the nomination and expression of interest forms for N11 million declaring that the All Progressives Congress, APC is a cult with its Modus operandi.

EFCC arrest Fayose

Fayose who noted that the  incumbent governor, Kayode Fayemi of the APC will  not win the forthcoming election scheduled for June 21, said that he is anti- Consensus, adding that he remained opposed to the consensus arrangement being canvassed by some of his fellow aspirants because  consensus was never a good option, but he was quick to add that he will remain in PDP even if he does not emerge the party’s candidate after the March 15 Primary election.

Fayose who noted that he was too old to cross carpet now, said that the PDP will disappoint APC leadership during the election, alleging that governor Fayemi who is too elitist and not on ground did not become the governor, but through what he termed, judicial misappropriation by former President of Court of Appeal, Justice Ayo Salami.

According to Fayose, “From day 1, I have been anti-consensus and I have maintained the same position because the party has repeatedly said they wanted internal democracy. If you defeat me on the field, I will shake your hand and leave. I will support you financially and any other way.

If I defeat you, there will be less acrimony. You will know that you were defeated in the free and fair contest. So to me, I have made my position known. But this afternoon, the party, through the national organising committee reaffirm that the party will conduct a free and fair primaries. Whosoever wins the primary becomes a candidate of the party and I want to tell you, there is none of the aspirant that is not qualified. They are my brothers irrespective of the context.”

The former Ekiti State governor who stressed that most of the people who defected to APC were yet to understand the character of the party’s leadership, however  described the leadership of APC as a secret cult whose affairs were completely shrouded in secrecy, adding, “I will still stand by the PDP. This is not a political statement. Is it APC that I want to go or NTA or Channels? It is too late. I am no longer a small boy. I am a former Governor, so I have to take it in good fate. I believe I will be victorious either way.

Dismissing as unrealistic the insinuation that the South West geo-political zone was the strong hold of the APC, Fayose explained that  the foundation for the emergence of APC governments in the South West was built on what he termed,  political and judicial fraud, adding, “Let me tell you, there is a misinformation that the South West is the home base of APC. That will be in the imagination of the people writing it in the papers.

Surprises will happen in the 2015. The APC came in because of the internal wrangling in PDP which led to the Salami gate, the judicial misappropriation. Let me say clearly again that the South West is not the home of APC. Up and until today, PDP still controls respectable politicians. And don’t forget that APC operates like a cult. They don’t bring in new people, the moment they bring you in, they will just put you in the cooler. I am a living witness of that experience.”

When asked on his  agenda for Ekiti people, Fayose who lamented that Fayemi’s government had failed to touch the lives of the grassroot people in the State and that  the administration of Kayode Fayemi was too elitist, however promised that  his administration would be a people-oriented one that would be committed to providing good governance and welfare.

Fayose who was quite optimistic that  APC would not win election in Ekiti State again,  alleged that most of the contracts awarded by  Ekiti State government under Fayemi were awarded to  people from outside the State, even as he stressed that Ekiti people have lost confidence in the Fayemi administration.

He said, “The reason Fayemi is having this whole problem is that he is too elastic. This big grammer, I am eating with Obama, I will speak with Obama next week, the Ekiti people don’t  know Obama. They don’t even know Abuja.

They cannot take transport from their own town to Ado-Ekiti. I am a grassroots man, I live with them and I eat with them. I will tell you again, Fayemi is gone. Forget whatever it is, now he is vulnerable. He is not in tune with teachers, workers.

He lacks human relations. If it is there I will tell you. today, Fayemi is reasonably gone because most of the projects in our State are done by outsiders. And Ekiti people, when they reject you, you cannot beg them. You will see in the next election.”


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