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Is Blessing Agbomhere In Love With Oshiomhole?

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A former governorship candidate on the All Progressives Congress Blessing Agbomhere has resurfaced into the political light after he posted a video pouring encomiums on the National Chairman of the party, Adams Oshiomhole.

His recent approach is a complete reverse of his numerous fallout and utterances against Oshiomhole in the past.

Agbomhere posted a video on his Facebook page on Monday where he showered the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress with praises.

Blessing Agbomhere
Blessing Agbomhere

Agbomhere, a very controversial Chieftain of the APC had been at the tail and head of fallouts with Oshiomhole, one of the reasons he exited the party for the Peoples Democratic Party in 2018.

In an interview in May 2016 with NAIJA CENTER NEWS, Agbomhere called for Oshiomhole’s suspension, claiming he imposed a candidate on the party and displayed a total disregard for loyal members of the party.

“Adams Oshiomhole must apologise to the national leadership and members of the APC or be expelled from the party”.

In March 2017, Agbomhere through his group, Save Edo group accused Oshiomhole of financial recklessness.

The former aspirant claimed the then Edo governor betrayed President Muhammadu Buhari by collecting $54,912,710.80 from ex-President Goodluck Jonathan

Agbomhere stressed that Oshiomhole betrayed Buhari and worked for the former President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan during the presidential election in 2015.

“Adams Oshiomhole cannot blackmail Godwin Obaseki or the Presidency. He doesn’t have the effrontery to do so. For Adams Oshiomhole, the APC and President Buhari would not have won the presidential election. Oshiomhole betrayed President Buhari and the APC. Shortly after Muhammadu Buhari was nominated as the APC Presidential Candidate in Lagos in December 2014, Governor Adams Oshiomhole visited then President Goodluck Jonathan, appreciated him for helping to quash his education scandal and struck a deal on how he can help PDP to win Edo State.

“For this job, Adams got $54,912,710.80 (Fifty Four Million, Nine Hundred and Twelve Thousand, Seven Hundred and Ten Dollars and Eighty Cents). The legitimate way to release this huge sum of money from the Federal Government Account was to tie it to a project.

In the same month and year, Agbomhere accused Oshiomhole of blackmailing Godwin Obaseki into surrendering the leadership of Edo State.

“Oshiomhole is not and cannot be an Edo State APC leader. I admonish all the members of Edo APC to disregard the rumour. Who was the leader of Edo APC when Adams Oshiomhole as Governor of Edo State?

“Edo APC is not bereaved of true and patriotic leaders. Where we have Prince Tony Momoh, a former Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and former Chairman of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and His Excellency, Chief John Oyegun, no sane man will leave these learned, erudite and accomplished leaders and fathers with their intellectual, mental and moral sagacity to choose Adams as Edo State APC leader.”

“But today, Oshiomhole is blackmailing the governor of Edo State and nobody wants to talk. He was the governor and he had left. Let us assume that he contributed and supported to make Obaseki the new governor. After that, he appointed the deputy governor, then appointed the SSG and appointed the Chief Security Officer and nobody said anything, who would do that in government?”

On March 12, 2017, Agbomhere described the National Chairman of the APC as a “tailor who could not sew his own cloth.”

Agbomhere said “After his sycophantic attempt to escort Mr President from London to Nigeria was busted, Oshiomhole has to find another way to announce to the President that he (Oshiomhole) is still waiting for ‘national assignment’ as SGF, COS or APC National Chair.

“I am sure no one has been bold enough to tell Oshiomhole that President Muhammadu Buhari does not patronize sycophants and people who are under investigation.

“It is only in Nigeria a Primary School Certificate Holder, an Obioma (tailor) who cannot mend or sew his own kaki, and a social parasite who is accused of stealing about 232. 7 Billion Naira Edo People’s Monies can argue Economics Statistics with a Professor of Economics for desperation to get a plum government position in President Buhari Administration to sustain his luxurious lifestyle and continue his job of living off public treasury.

In an interview with NAIJA CENTER in May 2017, Agbomhere said “Before Oshiomhole became the governor of Edo State, you and I knew that he was on a rented apartment in Edo State, he had a modest house in Iyamoh but today, go and look at the properties he had before and after he became governor. He has bought almost all the abandoned mansions in the state and renovated them. The house he built in Benin, he built it on Ekpen Erediauwa’s land, not his own, he used the power of the governor to convert the land of Ekpen Erediauwa and built a mansion with a helipad. How would you define a man who claimed to be the advocate of the oppressed?”

The current position:

In what seems like a dramatic turn on Monday, the self-acclaimed activist and the defender of Edo people is seen pouring encomiums on a man he once called numerous names.

Speaking with NAIJA CENTER on Monday evening, Agbomhere said he was now with Oshiomhole. and when queried further on the sudden change, the activist turned politician said: “I am with Oshiomhole.” Our journalist reminded the former candidate when he accused Oshiomhole of blackmailing Obaseki but he defended himself saying “When I said that what happened to me thereafter at the airport? Can you remember? Those who prepare bitter-leaf juice must at least take a bite of it.”

Still confused, the journalist probe further. Below is the brief conversation:

Journalist: No, you made the statement before the airport incident”

Agbomhere: Yes! After the airport saga, I had a rethink. I had to choose between politics and activism. I realized that when you are a critic and activist, it is better not to be a member of any political party. And I decided to be a politician. In politics, there are rules of engagement, and one of them is loyalty to the leadership of the party.”

Journalist: Do you remember you described Oshiomhole as a godfather? I had a couple of interviews with you and I can resend the links if you have forgotten your statements against the National Chairman.

Agbomhere: Compare and contrast. Since you have them, you can be the judge! As for me, life is dynamic, so I have moved beyond them.

Journalist: Let me get this straight, were your previous description of Oshiomhole lies?

Agbomhere: I am happy you are from Edo State. As an Elder, you know Edo State politics better than I do. I am a politician now, and Comrade Adams is my leader, and I so hold him on high esteem!.

Journalist: You haven’t answered my question

Agbomhere: I was an activist, a critic and a politician. At a point in my life, I had reexamination of my views and approach, and I have since decided to play developmental politics, avoid activism and criticism. Activism and criticism cannot take the country anywhere.

In Nigeria, the problem is with followership and the led and not specifically with the leaders. People get the leader they deserve, and the leader emerges from among the people. Now, I don’t want to dwell on the complain, I want to be the solution.

Journalist: Do you think you will be trusted after they know you to be an activist? How about Edo people?

Agbomhere: I am not begging for anyone’s trust. I was not born as an activist. I choose to complain about the anomaly in our society. Now, I have hanged strategies. I have come to the conclusion that the best way to change the anomaly is to provide solutions, and that is what I am doing currently. Recently, my team and I visited the Vice President of Nigeria, we highlighted some issues in the country and put before him our proposed solution. So, I don’t want to complain but provide solutions to our societal anomaly. Thank you.

The question remains, is Agbomhere in love with Adams Oshiomhole or his sudden change of heart is influenced by the coming election or, perhaps, a possible bite of the cake?

Note: Video of his encomiums on Oshiomhole will be added to this link at 20:00hrs UK time today.

What do you think influenced his sudden change and love for the National Chairman?

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