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Jonathan must go –Shehu Sani

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…Tells North to stop being parasite


President Jonathan

Human Rights Activist and President of the Civil Rights Congress (CRC), Shehu Sani has that President Goodluck Jonathan must go by 2015, arguing that he has only succeeded in dividing Nigerians more than ever before.

He further contended that what the founding fathers struggled for is now being sold to a select few in the name of privatization.

Sani stated this while speaking at a public lecture with the theme, ‘Labour and Democracy: The Recipe for Good Governance’, to mark the formal commissioning of the new secretariat of the Kaduna State chapter of the Labour Party (LP).

“What we have witnessed so far in the 15 years of democracy is dynasty of wealth and power on one side and dynasty of the poor on the other side. Government has turned the state and local governments into personal property, and Nigeria is now in a state where people’s consciences are being bought over,” Sani said.

He, therefore, posited that if the rich and powerful could be united by a common goal, then the poor and downtrodden should equally be united by a common plight, adding that there should be an interlink between the masses of the south and those of the north.

“The widening gap between the rich and the poor and the continuing inequality between the rich and the poor is why Nigeria is still in its present state.

“You cannot revive our industries and the country when corrupt people are still in power, we must rally round and stand for the truth and justice because Nigeria is at cross road, we have wasted the first 100 years of our life as a country, we need to establish a firm foundation for our children.

“It is time to change our future by changing our leaders. The country needs salvation and redemption through a leader that will stand by the masses at all the times, we must be focused and united.” Sani said.

He also called on the northern region to stop being a parasite, depending on other peoples’ resources but instead should be united, focused and learn to feed itself just like it was done by the founding fathers.

Sani stressed that that there is no future in depending on natural resources alone, adding that there are no resources as valuable as population and landmark, which he stressed the northern region is abundantly blessed with.

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