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Nigerians misunderstood Jonathan’s calmness – Okupe

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The Senior Special Adviser to the President on Public Affairs,   Doyin Okupe, has said Nigerians misunderstood the President’s   calmness for indecisiveness.

Okupe,   on his facebook page on Sunday, said     “In a few days, President Jonathan will bow out of office gracefully and graciously.

“President Jonathan has done well and served his country well. He exits office as a great President; perhaps Nigeria’s greatest President for all times. Greater than the best before him. He excelled in achievements, in humility, tranquility and simplicity.

“Nigerians misunderstood meekness for weakness, Restraint for lack of strength, reticence for inaction and calmness for indecisiveness.”

Okupe said that history would judge Jonathan   differently, adding that he(Jonathan) would “be remembered as a great man, a good man, humble and humane, purposeful and focused. A great African hero who fought against all manners of evil and conspiracies: Religious, ethnic, national and international, and lost the war.

“But ultimately, he triumphed because of the inherent goodness that God Almighty deposited in Him.”

The presidential aide urged Nigerians not to weep for Jonathan but “rather   pray that our nation will remain, united and stable; that its people will prosper and that God will guide our incoming leaders.”

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