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Power Changed Buhari, Says Buba Galadima

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An Elder Statesman, Buba Galadima says President Muhammadu Buhari changed after he got power.

Galadima said this during an interview with New Telegraph.

The Elder Statesman was a former ally of the President.

Buba Galadima
Buba Galadima

He said Nigeria would have been compared to countries lke Malaysia and Singapore of Buhari had stuck to the plans they birthed in 2002.

He said Buhari used foreign leaders to climb to power and suddenly showed his “true colours”

“He (Buhari) knew why he came to politics and why some of us sacrificed everything to ensure that he becomes President but when he became President, he sort of kicked out all those ideals for which we fought for, for which we had been intimidated and for which he suffered trial for treason,” he said.

“So, it is something that is most unfortunate for a statesman like him, saying something and not living to his words.

“If we had followed our own programme as envisaged in 2002, Nigeria would have been elsewhere now like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India and a host of so many other advanced countries of the world.

“We shouted for Buhari for many years but that didn’t make him a President until he crossed the borders to meet other people from other parts of the country. He went out to seek the assistance of others… then after he won, he brought out his true colours.

The former APC leader also agreed that PDP left the country in a state but stressed that Nigerians voted in Buhari for a change.

“Let’s agree with him on what he has said about the situation he met. Why was he voted for? He was voted for because most Nigerians believed that he would take us out of the woods,” he said.

“So it is no excuse. Whenever anybody in this government blames past governments, I just laugh. Who are those among them in the government that were not part of the PDP, including the President himself.

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