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Secret Audio Recording: Buhari Abandoned Us After I spent Millions To Campaign For Him – Saraki

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An audio recording of the Nigeria Senate Dr Bukola Saraki has been released by a blogger, Kayode Ogundamisi on Twitter on Saturday.

In the audio, Saraki was heard talking to members of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Saraki, Dogara and Buhari
Saraki, Dogara and Buhari

The Senate President confesses that he stood by President Muhammadu Buhari and campaigned intensely for him during the run-up to 2015 in every state expect six states in South-West.

Saraki, in the audio, lamented how Buhari abandoned him after he spent election money up to N300, and some, N400m in different states to facilitate his presidency.

“What is the benefit of people that are campaigning for the APC? What is their track record? Use me as an example. When I left the PDP for the APC in 2014 and was campaigning for the APC like never before, we went to every state to campaign with Buhari up until the election time.

“Out of the 36 states, I paid election money in 30. Some collected N300m, while some collected N400m, some collected N200m. The only states where I had nothing to do with was in the South-West.

“Even on the phone, I was calling and giving banks instructions. Our thinking was that when we get elected, we would get the majority of appointments. I even told the majority of you then that we shall all be going to Abuja together after the election.”

Saraki says the people of Kwara would not have been suffering today if they had been given enough federal appointments.

“I thought some of you would be appointed to head federal agencies like road maintenance like FERMA, NITDA, NPA and others. Because I know that if any Kwara son becomes even just the ED of UBEC, I know what he can approve from his desk. Whether N1m or N2m.

“But for the first time since we joined politics, you have a President of the Senate or even Speaker that cannot appoint a cleaner. I am not referring to board appointees who just collect money per sitting.

“If you look at the agencies where they appointed executive positions, what do you want me to say?”

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