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I wish you ‘safe journey’ , Oshiomhole tells defectors

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….Says he won’t be intimidated to surrender state’s resources to individuals

Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State says he will not be intimidated to surrender the resources of the state to service private individuals who do not have the interest of the people at heart, saying his Government will work for the masses and not for godfathers.


Speaking at the inspection of the on- going Storm Water Masterplan Project in Benin city today, Oshiomhole said he wished those who have defected from the party “safe journey” to their new destination.

He said, “I am aware that some people have left our party. We wish them safe journey. When I came, I was clear and I said we will work on the people of the state. I did not say I was going to work for individuals. So if individuals feel angry that I have not helped them in what they call ‘individual personal empowerment’, I have the choice to make, work for individuals or work for the people; I choose to work for the people.”

Oshiomhole declared, “Day or night, come sun or come rain, I know that the voice of the people is the voice of God and when God stands by us, who can we be afraid of? I know that with time, water will find its level. Those who cannot cope will leave and many have left. Those who are happy with progress will stay and the overwhelming majority of the people have stayed.

“I know that many people were deceived and they are already returning because they were told come for a meeting only to see people carry microphone saying they are resigning from the party. We will not decamp. We will continue to do what God asked us to do and I know that the people of Egor will continue to support me. In the last election, I got 96% in this Local Government.

 “I know that the more we work, the more benefits people will see, because we are still going to build more schools, the construction work will continue, we will deliver more transformers.

“Let me assure you, for us, it is ‘let the people lead’ not let the godfathers enjoy and allow the people suffer. If the godfathers like, let them move away, we will continue the development of Edo State and our people will continue to enjoy good governance.”

The Governor reaffirmed his commitment to aggressive urban renewal in the state, saying “when we came out to ask for your votes in 2007, I did make the point that the problem of Benin City is not beyond solution and that the problem of flooding, making people to be afraid whenever the rain is threatening is not an act of God but a result of many years of neglect by various governments.

“I said I am not coming to Edo to lament but that I am coming to Edo to fix it, and to lay foundation for the future. As you can see, we are right now standing on a huge underground drainage which is part of the Benin City Water Storm Master Plan that every water that drains from this area gets into the underground drainage and it will take it to the river; so that the problem of this community is solved forever.

“The most difficult part has now been completed. You have seen the side drains that they are doing, when we finish it, this place we are standing will be asphalted. So you will be driving on it and will not know that you are driving on top an underground measuring about 40feet deep and 20 -30 feet wide.”

Residents of the community who trooped out in their large numbers expressed joy at Igbinaduwa road and other roads in the area, the flood and erosion control measures put in place by the Governor.

A resident of the area, Mr. Edo Aguebor said, “We are making history today, the comrade governor, the performer is in our midst.

“Since we entered this community for the past 30years, we have experienced serious problems of erosion to the extent that many were driven from their homes but as you can see today, our roads are now accessible, we can easily get to our various homes and the problem of erosion is now a thing of the past.”

On his part, the Ailefoba of Benin Kingdom, Chief Jonathan Idada Erinwioghae commended the Governor for his good works promising that the people will continue to support all his laudable projects.

Others who spoke are Mr. Emma Iyase and the Mrs. Esther Obanor both of whom eulogised the governor promising to support the APC in future elections in the state.

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