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Steps on how to win back your ex

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Read this article after reading ”Should I Get Back With My Ex?”. Once you have considered and concluded on the reasons why you want to go back, here are the tips to follow in order to win back your ex:

1. Discuss It With Your Friends: Discuss it with your friends does not mean anyone who come your way. there are friends among friends. bring up the topic before them. i am sure they have your interest at heart and can tell you if your ex treated you well the first time. Mind you, if you are a woman who think your relationship with your ex could lead to something bigger (marriage) or you want to stay longer in your marriage, do not ask a friend who you know can’t settle with one partner. Someone who believe long relationship is a waste of time. you will not get an accurate response that you needed. bring it before friends and not a friend. you need different opinions in this regard, but remember, your final self suggestion remains the ultimate decision you should hearken to.

2. Listen To Your Self: I am sure for the period you asked your self why you intend to go back to your ex, there was one voice warning you not to. Listen to your heart and do not allow your regret or self pity block your sense of reasoning. those voices never lie. If you ignore this warnings, i am sure you are ready for another problem or disaster, but if the same voice thinks it is worth trying, give it a shot. All i am saying is, follow your heart.

3. Call Your Ex : You might actually be angry but maybe you did not delete his number. Do this when you know none of you have the problem still at heart otherwise one of you might end up rejecting the other’s call. Call him to find out how he doing. Do not rush into this, it has to be step by step. is like starting a new relationship. If you do not have your ex number, there are always different ways to get it unless you were not the jovial type. Through his/her friends, you can get hold of him/her. its hard to call because it has to remove your own pride.

if you really mean what you want, then its worth doing. according to Ronnie Koenig, he said “”I tried to get back with my high school ex a few years ago,” says Clarissa, 28. “He had been through a divorce and I was also going through a tough period and since we’d known each other for so long, it was just really comfortable.”

When Clarissa wanted her high school hottie back, she simply pulled out her cell phone. “One day after not having any contact for five years I decided to try and get a hold of him.” She got his cell phone number from a mutual friend and just dialed. “I’m sometimes still shocked at myself for doing it!” she says.But not all reunions end in romance. “After six months together, I decided to move to Europe. Rather than being upset he supported me 100 percent,” says Clarissa. “We ended up meeting other people but I’m glad to say he’s now one of my best friends. I’m glad that I tried to get him back otherwise I wouldn’t have such a great friend in my life!”

The point here is, if you try to go back and it didnt work out, do not declare him or her as your worst enemy as some of the people do. your ex could be your best friend. though it takes a matured mind to handle this part. but it’s always the best seeking advise or sharing your problem with someone who really know you.

Arrange a daytime date – Don’t think of Sex: most people believe the best way to win their ex back is by having sex with them. you are joking. though some others just have sex with their ex because they feel it feels good to do so. but if you are planning to go back to your ex, it has to be done diplomatically. you can go for a date during the day and do not add sex at the back of your mind. You have to educate yourself to control the urge that you feel and don’t fall immediately because you are desperate to win him back. Don’t go to your usual place with him, the memory might sink you and sweep you off your fit. try somewhere new that does not have that picture 🙂 The date should be few hours and No one should walk each other home. these are hints to avoid that desire to have sex with him.

5. Make The First Move: Sometimes you have to make the push to tell your ex how it should be done or what he is missing. Maybe you broke up with your ex because he got no time for you rather to his friends. Lisa was 24yrs old, she broke up with her boyfriend because he has more time for his friends than her and he was never serious with his life. when she call it off, she didn’t just go to her house and started crying, she packed out of her house to a new town, she enrolled into university and secured a loan to get an apartment for herself. in less than 2 months, her ex started looking for her everywhere and they got back together and he proposed to her within six months.

What Lisa did was to wake her boyfriend up from slumber. she showed him things of life and what he was missing. Lisa knew what she wanted and she apply that idea to get her ex back. if the ex didn’t go back, i am sure she wouldn’t have mind because she occupied herself with some other bigger things than failure. instead of trying to convince her man, she focussed on herself and the man woke up and realized he wants to be part of that progress.

6. Direct Attack: lol. Don’t let that topic scare you as i said direct attack. if you try the above hints and it seems not to be working. then you have to go direct and no longer indirect as you planned. its called PLAN B. if your ex is an intellectual person, write him a note and pour out all your feelings for him, the need for you to get back and how much you have missed him. If he is a physical guy or practical guy, show at his door step with a raincoat 🙂 you let him know how much you have realized what he means to you.

If i do this last one, does that make me cheap or loose my self respect? that is the question you should have asked your heart before starting. i am sure all the moves you have made would have made you feel that way. but i am sorry to tell you that the body need food to survive but the heart needs love to survive. both eat different things. how do you get food for your body when you dont have anything to eat? you search for it. if you love your ex and your reasons for going back to him is clear, do not degrade yourself by thinking your moves is childish. No! it isn’t.

Getting back to your ex is not a bad idea if your heart says you should. avoid your previous mistakes and it can work better than before. but if both of you are not ready to change or give any thing up, including the first cause of the previous problem, i advise you not to go back. i strongly go against going back to an ex who is abusive and an unchangeable womanizer. but if he or she decided to change, you can give it a shot. remember, follow your heart.

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