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Watch For This Red Flag: Your Boyfriend’s BFF Is A Woman

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couple laughing on a bench
They look awfully cozy…

When I was younger, I had several close male friends. As the years passed, that shifted as I realized either they were hoping to sleep with me by playing the friendship card, or as soon as they were in a committed relationship, it felt like “Neelou who?”

In my mid twenties, I stopped keeping the company of male friends (unless they were gay) … with the exception of Gil, my best guy friend. Other than Gil, I firmly believe that there can be no true, lasting friendship between members of the opposite sex. Not a close friendship, at least. If you peel back enough layers between two friends of the opposite sex who spend a lot of time keeping one another’s company, one always has feelings for the other.

And then … my hypothesis was proven, without a doubt.

Find out how here: Hey, If Your Boyfriend’s BFF Happens To Be Female, You Might Want To Run Away Now

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