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Super Eagles flies on Burkina Faso; What do you think of Eagles?

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Nigeria 1 Burkina Faso 0

Super Eagles still own the game. Though many chances have been lost but Nigerians are dedicated, committed and ready to make the country proud again. The last time we saw this kind of team was during the time of the super player, Kanu Nwankwo.

Are you still doubting? Nigerians don’t play soccer, they live it. Burkina Faso has been deceived by the previous play with Super Eagles.

I am not reporting.. I am happy. What do you think of Super Eagles right now?

Nigeria shines in the tournament. Nigeria 1 Burkina Faso 0. Nigeria has not been to the final for the past 13 years and today, we have brought the cup home. The confidence that once left us has come back. The co-operation, the togetherness, guts we didn’t have in the past has all been restored. Nigeria once again is the champion of the Africa Cup of Nation.

We all should say thank you lord. Are you a Muslim, thank Allah, are you a christian, thank Jesus.

Religion did not bring us down in the tournament. we stood behind and by each other. we were Nigerians once more. We were strong, we were in the battle field and we fought gallantly

You can’t be an eagle if you can’t fly but we have flown so high on many countries and the fear they once have for us will surely come back now.

We hope this step us up in the FIFA ranking. God bless Nigerians, God bless Nigeria.


Mikngeh doing his thi


Nigerians are born in prayers.

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