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Angry Residents Drag Mayor Hernández Through The Street

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Angry Locals dragged the major Jorge Escandón Hernández through the street on Wednesday.

The incident happened in Chiapas State, Southern Mexico.

The residents of the state are angry that the major failed to fulfill his campaign promises. 

They pulled mayor Hernández out of his office and tied him to a pick-up truck, then dragged him through the street. 

The mobs, including farmers, want Hernández to repair the road, bring clean water and electricity to the community as promised.

Chiapas state is a community with about 500 residents. 

The incident was captured by a CCTV. 

The Mayor was seen dragged through the street of Santa Rita in Lags Margaritas.

It took the local police hard time to rescue the Mayor from his angry mobs. 

Hernández reportedly suffered no major injuries.

Angry mayor stormed the central square in Lags Margaritas eight hours after the incident to address the crowd.

He claimed the leaders in the community were responsible for the incident, adding that he would not be intimidated.

Hernández vowed to press charges against his abductors.

The BBC had reported that the Mayor’s office was trashed four months ago after a group of angry men met his absence.

The major had also earlier been questioned over his alleged involvement in a brawl with supporters of a rival candidate but was freed due to lack of evidence.

The police say it has arrested eleven persons since the incident.

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