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Over 62 Killed, Many Injured In Pakistan Train Fire

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A fire erupted on a train on Thursday morning in Northeast of Pakistan killing at least 62 people and injuring over twenty-four (24), the authority said.

Train on Fire in Pakistan
Train on Fire in Pakistan

It was gathered that a gas cylinder exploded in a carriage of the train.

The train was carrying members of Tablighi Jamat – a non-political global Islamic missionary movement.

A city police chief, Amir Taimoor Khan told reporters that the incident happened near the Rahimyar Khan district in the Punjab province.

Taimoor disclosed that the fire incident killed 30 people and more than two dozens were injured. He said he was worried that the death toll would rise.

Meanwhile, the Railway Minister Shaikh Rasheed Ahmad reportedly told reporters that the explosion occurred after members of the Tablighi lit a stove connected to a gas cylinder to prepare breakfast.

Ahmad said many passengers had to jump off the moving train as the fire swept through two other carriages, leading to many deaths and injuries.

Footage of the incident was aired on Geo News.

Rescue workers were seen struggling to put out the fire which kept wafting upward.

Doctors, paramedics and army troops moved to the incident site to help with rescue and relief operation.

The government deployed Army aviation helicopter from Multan to the horrific site to evacuate those who were critically injured.

Pakistans has a long history of train incidents, possibly due to lack of safety measures.

On 21 July 2019, 80 people were injured while 21 passengers were killed after two trains collided in Sadiqabad district.

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